It was just another day when we the TWCI - THE WRITERS COLLECTIVE OF INDIA got a chance to visit this place better known as The Warehouse Cafe. ....Not new to the people of Delhi .... It's in existence since 2013 April.....and is the oldest amongst the most happening cafes in and around CP..... All credit to bro Priyank Sukhija......

The location is fabulous ,D Block, Inner circle, CP (next to Odeon Cinema).....facing the central park....... It's made on three levels ( 1st to 3rd) in a rustic industrial warehouse theme...Dim lighting that suits the young crowd a lot ( you know better)...Awesome hangout for youth to sit and chat or enjoy with their boy or girl friends.....In a corner sipping their lovely cocktails and munching on the nibbles.
As you get down from the elevator at 1st floor the chic bar welcomes you, which is a highlight of this  place.......The plush sofas and other furniture are welcoming.......

We first sat on the 2nd floor lounge area as it was raining outside ...But as the rain stopped we ran to the terrace at 3rd floor....It's a beautiful setting facing the Central Park of CP........
Warehouse Cafe is mostly packed full of people....eating......chatting and enjoying throughout the day wth their quota of food and drinks…….

Now let's come to food......
We tried their Tenderloin Steak, Fish Tikka, Veg and Non Veg Tandoori Platter and Caesar Salad. I liked these things but the Fish tikka was really very good. We also tried the steamed fish in banana leaf which was also good. It was made in Thai style. The pepperoni pizza was awesome. The items in the Tandoori Platter were also well done. I loved the Chicken Shawarma roll and Chicken cordon Bleu a lot.

Pepperoni Pizza, Fattoush Salad, Shawarma and Cordon Bleu

Salad, platter, Steamed Fish and Prawns


The drinks we had were Cosmopolitan, Watermelon Supernova, Mojito , Mai Tai and a few others. As per me they were just ok and fine. One of my friends tried the Pina Colada, which she liked a lot.
The Desserts like Fried Ice cream , Gulab Jamun and Brownie with Ice cream were the best amongst all. Avoid cheesecake and Phirni. 


Overall a very happening place with good music and location.

 Keep Dating and Keep Eating ......

Cheers !!!

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