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Hauz Khas Village is a cluster of pubs, restros, bars. You will have plenty of options ranging from economical ones to expensive ones. Good cozy nice hang out places. Each joint is different from the other. Theme, Ambience, Concept and Cuisine. All these things are completely different and that’s what makes the place have a cluster of restaurants that are unique in their own way. 

There’s now a new kid on the block selling Pizzas, and we know pizza has always been an integral part of any place serving Italian Cuisine. But their focus has been on other items as well. The restaurant that finally casts Pizzas in a lead role is  “World Pizza Journey”. Prominent in its location, right near the entry of Hauz Khas Village, the place promises round the world journey through pizzas. The extensive menu features pizzas across the seven continents.

Table Tops
Beautiful Wall Decals

The main theme of this place is to put the specialty dish or the ingredients of the country on top of a pizza. So a falafel pizza will have hummus to give an authentic middle eastern, Lebanese taste. The fish and chips pizza will have tomato ketchup with French fries and tartar sauce on the side making it royally British. The interiors take you to a zone where you seem to be traveling to different countries as you eat the specialty pizzas. The interiors are characterized by whites with use of multi colored patterns in different forms. Framed images of famous landmarks hang on all the walls, and a variety of old world maps and flags are visible under the glass table tops. The most interesting one being the table with different currencies of the world under its glass table top. A number of wall clocks are synced to different time zones to bring out a new dimension. Even the restroom has been done in a peculiar manner, with vehicle registration plates stuck on the walls from all over the world.

Furniture and Vibrant Walls
Interesting Pee room
 And now the main part …..The Food…..They have divided their menu into different sections depicted by the region or the country names…like…The American Dream section has slightly more familiar names like the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza called ‘The Pie’ and the Californian Thin Crust Pizza called ‘The Hollywood’; while the Italian Job section has pizza names like ‘The Italian Stallion’ and ‘Florence – The Renaissance’. Then you have options on a slightly more unconventional side like The Chilean Pizza called ‘The Santiago’ in the South American section, The Mandarin in Chinese section and the  most unusual ‘The Falafel Pizza’ in the Mediterranean section. There’s a pizza from Britain called ‘The Queens Breakfast’ and the world famous ‘Pizza Peri Peri’ to add to the great variety. They serve the 12 inch thin crust pizzas on a LP record ..... innovation at its peak....Mr. Deepak Khera , who has done the menu selection, is a thoroughly professional man, with a passion towards his line of work. He has done the menu in a very unique and creative manner. Hats off to you, sir.
‘Punjabi Makhani’ Pizza and a ‘Bombay Bhaji’ Pizza too, if you’re in a mood for something creative yet delicious and Indian of course.

Pizzas Pizzas and Pizzas
More Pizzas

Traditionally Pizza goes well with either Wine or Beer. But not in this case, World Pizza Journey (WPJ)  has an extensive drinks menu. Apart from the usual offerings of Wines and other drinks from around the world, there’s a lengthy section on Cocktails designed and mixed by the very professional Viju Raj.The bartender made us try the Heera Panna, Khus Madira, Patiala Iced tea, Chicago orange brandy and Lichi Mai Tai to name a few…..The menu has a clearly defined and listed cocktails selection matching with a specific pizzas, one can just go as per that or order as per own choice.
To break the monotony of pizzas we also ordered the salads and soup. We loved the minestrone soup served with crusty garlic bread. The Caesar salad and the raw papaya salads were awesome even the Mexican corn salad with nachos was really good. We loved the Thearo Mushroom dish in the Verdure section of the menu and yes if you like pork sausages then please order the Bangar and Mash, awesome preparation.

Awesome Cocktails

Side Dishes and Salads

 At WPJ they make fresh dough daily to make pizzas with the fresh ingredients like tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, jalapenos, capers, pepperoni, olives, fish, chicken, sausage, bacon and much more. I must admit to the fact that they are doing something different with passion towards it . The small side dishes are done as perfectly as they have done their mainline of Pizzas……Pricing is very smart and not over the top. We would highly recommend this place for all the people who like their pizzas and related nibbles prepared fresh with the most sought after ingredients………..

We wish WPJ to carry on this unending journey of serving us the best and the freshest food forever……….Cheers !!!

Written By : Vickrham Vicky and Karan Puri
Pics Courtesy : Vickrham Vicky

World Pizza Journey
26, Ground Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi.

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