What comes to mind when you name a restaurant “Bulldogs” It’s not a regular name for a restaurant in Hauz Khas Village, Delhi. Yes, the makers really thought of an innovative name I must say. The impulse reaction is that it has something to do with hotdogs.
They have ample space and the place is spread over three floors with different styles of seating. Bed Style Lounge, Sofa Style Lounge and Casual dining with Open Terrace, Vibrant décor, good music, Big Screen, everything you need to have a good time. You say it and you have it here.
It provides the much needed stimulation and excitement for everyone and every mood.
It’s an ideal place for both hanging out with friends and enjoying nightlife with great amount of space and lovely music.

The selection of hot dogs from Big Bad Dog to Bite Sizes from 22” to 5” can delight you illimitably.
Well it’s not only that, they also have started an innovative concept of the bar meter, a drink exchange like the stock exchange. There are TV sets installed on all three floors which show live prices of liquor served, fluctuating every minute. The catch is you can buy in multiples once the price goes down for any specific liquor. And also, twice a day the market or the liquor exchange as they call it, crashes. So, all the prices come down to rock bottom, when one can buy more.

They have changed the whole concept of happy hours applied in most restaurants. This one’s guest driven and all day. Guests can enjoy an expansive food and cocktail menu including 15 different kinds of hotdogs and speciality cocktails made out of 12 spirits.

It’s something of a rage already in Hauz Khaz Village with youngsters coming in herds.
As they are serving world cuisine, so keeping high standards and maintaining taste is a little difficult in all spheres but yes overall it’s ok...There is a lot of variety in food but the drinks really need to be worked upon....

In starters we had Greek Salad which was good, Macaroni Pasta Salad was okay, Stuffed Cheese Mushroom was well done, Fish Sticks were crispy along with tartar sauce, and dahi kebab was delicious.

We tried the Shot dogs ( 5’ in size)  - Veg Seekh, bacon and pork sausage and Mutton Seekh served with Coleslaw and French fries along with Margarita Pizza. We also tried Fajita Sizzler with Cottage cheese, grilled and served with corn, tortillas, salsa n sour cream with Dips-Tzatziki, hummus, along with pita bread was good to taste and well done. Desserts variety was good. We tried the Apple pie with Vanilla Ice crème which was really very good and Choco lava cake was good....

Overall, as per us, they should try and improvise the Drinks and some parts of the menu should also be taken care of...... All in all a very Hip-Hop Happening place for the youth to have fun. .... Cheers !!!

T 6B, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor,
Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Written By : Karan Puri and Vickrham Vicky
Pics Courtesy : Vickrham Vicky

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