Cafe Xtasi & Bratwurst king - Pizzas and Hotdogs at their Best

Got a chance, to meet this friend duo Manav Achal and Kunwar at the “The Gourmet High Street” festival in December last year. They had put up their stalls to promote and sell their lovely pizzas and hotdogs. Yes I am talking about Cafe Xtasi and Bratwurst King.
Now, they have opened up at DLF Galleria as a combo outlet selling both Hotdogs and Pizzas together. We went to try their creations again and were really impressed by the interior. Not a very big place but yes a nice and cozy hideout with interesting signages and pieces on walls. Very neatly done place.......

We tried their Formagi Pizza which is a 4 cheese pizza, Pepperoni pizza and the Meat madness which has ham, bacon, chicken, olives and much more. Oh My God what lovely flavors of wood....Yes they have a wood fired oven that makes it more special. That’s the reason they are at the number 1 spot on Zomato for Pondicherry (First outlet is in Pondicherry). I bet you would not have had a better thin crust pizza anywhere in Delhi/ Ncr. 

We loved the chicken steak done with homemade Pesto as well as with the BBQ sauce. The steaks were done and presented so nicely, it felt as if I am having them in a fine dine sophisticated place. 

And yes, we also tried the Hotdogs of Bratwurst King. They are serving authentic German sausages( all imported) .The Currywurst meal which they serve is a combo of a big hotdog plus a bowl of German potato salad. You can choose your bread, sausage, toppings (either 1 or all at no extra charges) and sauces too.  The pork sausage (don't remember the exact name) with awesome sweet caramelized onions and bbq sauce was awesome. You can't have just one.

All in all a very good place to enjoy both Italy as well as Germany on the same platter....Very good quality product at smart pricing......Cheers to the Team Cafe Xtasi and Bratwurst King run by Manav Achal and Kunwar Ranbir Juneja.

Keep it up guys......


Address : SF 91, 1st Floor, Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurgaon

Tel Nos :  +91 9250333111, +91 9250333222

Written By : Vickrham Vicky & Karan Puri
 Pics Courtesy : Vickrham Vicky

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