Beautiful place, lovely ambience, awesome food and best of best service. Do we need anything more??? Yes may be….lolzz…..Superb location in the heart of New Delhi viz Connaught Place, bang on outer circle just before we turn towards Shivaji Stadium…..Ample parking space for cars with a parking lot of almost 100 cars just behind the building…..

 As we enter the place there is a big wall display made up of glass which holds wines…..On the other side is a double height wall with lovely graffiti  and murals on it……multicolored paintings and wall writings look so beautiful…….Well stocked Bar and Live Performance Area…….

The concept of this place is based on a small town or as they call it, a Hamlet located in Scotland, called KINBUCK….The walls are done in fly ash bricks (rustic) inspired by a bistro located in Norway……with beautiful furniture and ambient lighting on one level and an open terrace as well as a main road facing balcony with Al Fresco seating make this place a unique one, altogether…. The passionate owner Anshul Garg is a very creative and artistic guy….. This young chap in his mid twenties has put his heart and soul in this project. He told me that how tough it was to convince his parents for opening up a restaurant which was non-veg centric… As he belongs to a very traditional and religious family background….

Wall Murals & Graffiti
Now the main point of discussion, the FOOD………..

Yes, the food is the most important aspect of any restaurant. At the end of the day, if your food is not good, howsoever beautiful your place may be. You are dead…….The case here is exactly opposite. The food is as good as the ambience and location. This place has been themed as the first Roman Bistro in town. The celebrated Chef Anay Mukherjee has done the menu beautifully. He has magical hands; we first met at top notch café in Delhi few months back. Chef Anay has travelled a lot and even served the Royal Family of Britain. Chef Anay Mukherjee is at the helm of affairs. With his 23 years plus of experience, having worked his way through countries like Qatar, Malaysia and Thailand. Now back in India, the seasoned chef has worked for The Ashok Hotel and restaurants like Tabula Rasa and Manre before setting up the kitchen at Little Italy and The Townhouse Café and many more……

Chef Anay Mukherjee & Me (Inset)
Chef at Work
Pork Chops, Carpaccio, Umpluti - Veg & Non-Veg

He let us try his beautiful creations like the 12 hour Pork Roast, Pork Carpaccio, Roast lamb leg- Toba, the Sarmale, Pork Chops, Umpluti – veg and non veg (stuffed bell peppers) both the shish kebab, sangerete and the chatak matak chicken and Sushi too ….


Mid-eastern Dips and (Inset) Flavored Butters

The Pork roast was done in a traditional roman style, overnight in a rotisserie oven. This makes the meat soft and succulent filled with its own juices. The lamb leg meat was awesome, with full flavors of mild spices and meat. The Carpaccio was a very nice and subtle preparation (cold cut) with almost no its traditionally made......

Shish Kebab in making
 The shish kebab is a kind of seekh kebab but made on a flat skewer resembling a sword. Fabulous taste and texture…….I always love it….Chicken chatak matak was also made well…….The Piftie was too good, it’s a stuffed chicken breast or wings with red wine sauce . Sarmale is a cabbage leaf stuffed with mince meat, again served with sour cream or a sauce. It was good but not as per my palette…Sushi was as colorful as it can be.....the texture was not too good but it was made nicely.....

Roast Pork Leg
Lebanese Platter and Spaggeti

The special breads were also the highlight of the meal. The Dutch, Tiger Bread (natural texture of the bread is like tiger skin), the sour dough breads and many more.  The flavored butters made by the chef were too good. 

Even after having small bites of each dish, I was stuffed like a pillow….. hahaaaa…. The meatiest and the most lavish meal of my life. Hats Off to Chef Anay Mukherjee for making us feel so special and royal……Now I have realized why this Chef has been chosen to cater the Presidents of Sweden and Tanzania and also the Diplomats of many countries like Kuwait, Sweden UK etc…… Chef we are coming for more soon……

TWCI Team with Guests

Good wishes to all the people involved ………. Keep it on…. Cheers  !!!

P 10/90, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Written By : Vickrham Vicky
Pics Courtesy : Vickrham Vicky

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