A cuisine is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, often associated with a specific region, country or culture. Most traditions have a recognizable cuisine, a specific set of cooking traditions, preferences, and practices, the study of which is known as gastronomy. Many cultures have diversified their foods by means of preparation, cooking methods and manufacturing. This also includes a complex food trade which helps the cultures to economically survive by-way-of food, not just by consumption. Global cuisines can be defined as cuisine based upon global, continental, national, state or local regions; essentially as cuisines of the world.
If you encounter a place where you can get 5 unique cuisines and many styles of cooking under one roof, that too in front of your eyes in an open kitchen format with absolutely no support of any back end kitchen………With the freshest and most authentic ingredients used under the supervision of the most talented chef lot.  What will you call such a place???

Seating Options
High Table (Bar type seating)

We better know it as, Kitchen District. The most happening and talked about food place in Gurgaon, nowadays. One of the signature restaurants of the newly opened five star Hotel, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon. I was always phobic of going to this place, as I thought I had to drive for long and face lots of hassle and traffic. But to my surprise!!! It took only 20 minutes from my home in Gurgaon to reach, HYATT. People from all over Delhi, Gurgaon and other nearby areas are flocking this hotel for eating, spending their weekends and for other relaxation and leisure activities (SPA, POOL etc.)
Hyatt Regency Gurgaon is located in the fringe of corporate headquarters in the rapidly growing industrial belt of Gurgaon and Manesar. The largest convention hotel in the city with an area of 40,000 sq.ft, the hotel can accommodate up to 3000 people.

Hyatt Regency Gurgaon
One can be easily spoilt for choice when it comes to eating at Hyatt, Gurgaon.  One can Experience a wide array of authentic Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Western and Asian cuisines that are for sure, unparalleled gastronomical treat through different restaurants and bars at this hotel.
Soothingly warm, vibrant and vivacious this restaurant, Kitchen District offers a unique and exclusive dining experience as it showcases a wide range and array of dishes to suit every palate. With five standalone kitchens designed to offer unique and exclusive cuisines yet coexisting in perfect harmony to form a singular culinary district……….A perfect example of Unity in Diversity………Like our country , India.

We as TWCI – The Writers Collective of India were invited by the hotel, to review their beautiful restaurant, Kitchen District. On entering the premises from the main NH-8 expressway, I was mesmerized by the size and grandeur of the property. It’s a tall and huge hotel with all glass façade. As you enter the lobby, you get a feel of the modernly designed interiors with different and very unique lounging options. Done in Blacks, purple and shades of grey………We were escorted by the most gorgeous and of course hospitable, Ms. Anadita Singh ( Mgr. Marcomm ) to the most beautiful and vibrant, Kitchen District located on the First floor. 

Open Kitchens

As you enter, you get a feel of expansiveness…..spaciousness……lavishly grand yet a cozy feel of being at home. Natural light flows thru large windows on two sides. To give it a real casual feel, the furniture is not standardized in uniformity. They have done it in unique manner, with different seating options, ranging from sofas, dining chairs, casual chairs to long bar type chairs. All the kitchens are placed in such manner that it feels they are a part of the whole dining experience……You can order and see the dish being made in front of your eyes……the best being the Japanese , as it requires knife skills etc. which can be a visual treat for the eyes. 

We ordered 2-3 dishes from each section of the menu i.e. the Indian, Western, Oriental, Mediterranean and Asian to get a better view of the culinary skills of the chefs…….. We met Chef Senthil of the Indian kitchen and he suggested us to try some coastal cuisine. He got us some nicely done Chettinad kozy curry and also a specially prepared dish (not on menu) Meen Moily. Both the dishes were highly authentic and tasted yumm. Being an ardent lover of sushi, I could not stay away from ordering it for long. The sushi was very well done with the best and freshest of ingredients. The salmon sushi roll and the eel nigiri , both were perfectly rolled. Hats off to the most talented, Chef Keitaro (Japanese) and his enthusiasm. He even wants to introduce the regular and staple Japanese food in India. We also tried the Yakitori (grill) asparagus and the pork belly glazed with honey and soy. Very subtle and nicely prepared skewers served on small faux grills…..

The western dishes like Casarecce Pasta ( pesto, potato and green beans) was good but nothing over the top. The crispy roast duck was a piece of art. Beautifully done up dish on a canvas, I must admit. The Pomello was made with perfection and the duck tasted so good.
The Raw papaya salad was also one of the highlights of the whole meal, very well prepared with a perfect balance of sweet and sour. 

Laksa, a very popular dish from the Peranakan cuisine (Mix of Chinese and Malay) was also done in an authentic way with full flavor of coconut milk, lemon grass and curry leaves etc. I also ordered the Caesar Salad, which was not up to my expectations but was reasonably good. The fish dumplings in a light broth with mix of veggies and noodles was a refreshing change and I loved it , it was whole meal in itself. One of my colleagues ordered the Risotto (morels and pecorino) and she liked it a lot. As per me it could have been creamier but still was not bad. One of the Hyderabadi style kebabs, Charminar Kebab was very good, with all the lovely flavors of curry leaves and red chillies...It was boneless lamb cut done up in curry leaves and other south Indian spices. 

Wines on Display
Last but not the least; we were in for a surprise when the desserts came to our table. I am short of words, for the most talented Dessert Chef, I have encountered as of now , Chef Ashutosh. The creations he put in front of us were really magical. The presentation was so good and awesome , one could not dig into it and spoil the beauty of it…….Ranging from Cheese cakes, macaroon ice cream sandwich, Nougat Tart, Chocolate hazelnut mousse, Praline passion fruit mousse to the Wild Berry Panna Cota and not to forget the Chocolate Mousse with olive oil and sea salt. The best of best was displayed on our table and the lusty look in our eyes could well be seen. I don’t have enough words in my dictionary of appreciation for dessert chef and his team. Excellent quality, the most luscious and the most delicious Cheese cake and the Chocolate Mousse, we have ever eaten in our lives. I loved the wild berry compote in the perfectly made Panna Cota. The Nougat Tart was filed with toffee and nuts…I am almost drooling even now…..Kudos to the team…..I can go back to Kitchen District , only for the desserts………
Dessert Chef Ashutosh & His Creations

We could not meet the Executive Chef Adam Szczechura, as he was travelling. But, I will definitely appreciate his choice and deep knowledge of different cuisines which he has imbibed in the last 15-16 years of his globetrotting career. He has brought with him some of the best kept culinary secrets of various world cuisines. Adams’s philosophy is clear, “Keep it simple, using the freshest and the local ingredients”.

All in all, I can say , it was a wholesome experience with dishes ranging from one continent to the other and our taste buds jumping up and down craving for something more…..Nobody can be disappointed with this place. Kitchen District surely has something or the other to offer everyone………

Team TWCI with G.M. Mr..Roger Wright (Center) & Ms. Anadita Singh ( Mgr. Marcomm)

I hope to visit it again, soon plus the other highlights of the property and take you all on a new journey again……. Cheers !!!

Kitchen District - Hyatt Regency
Sector 83, Delhi NCR,
Hyatt Regency, NH 8, Sector 83, Gurgaon

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Written By : Vickrham Vicky (TWCI)

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