This is in continuation to our pizza journey which started with WPJ- World Pizza Journey,HKV; the next pit stop was at NYC PIE, Gurgaon; and then at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon; where a new Pizza outlet has opened " Pizza Express " . Pizza Express’s eighth restaurant in India six across Mumbai / Thane and one each in Delhi/ Gurgaon.

We were fortunate to have met and have a detailed discussion with Mr. Sanjay Nandrajog (CEO) and Mr. Ramit Bharti Mittal (Head of Strategy & Bus. Dev) at Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd (a Bharti Family Office Company) which has brought this brand to India. Pizza Express is, today, one of the world’s leading casual dining and consumer brands. Established in 1965, in London, UK, it now operates over 500 Restaurants in 14 different countries.

Pizza express has been obsessed with pizza ever since its founder Peter Boizot opened first Pizza express restaurant on Wardour Street in 1965. Peter was a big foodie and took pride in pioneering beautiful pizzas on the high street and working with the best to do this. Pizza Express was one of the restaurants to adopt open kitchens and was also a pioneer in taking restaurants into interesting building from old churches to Banks to Dairies. 

Corporate Chef - Mr. UDAY PATIL

 The menu at Pizza express is kept concise and delicious. Started with their signature Dough balls (Rs.165) served with freshly made pesto, garlic butter and sun-dried tomato dip…. Awesome ….. The Pollo Affumicato (Rs.385) salad,full of  smoked chicken, pomegranate , walnuts and lollo rosso leaves in chilli oil, The thin crust Calabrese (Rs.750) from the Calabria in Italy, an Italian spicy sausage with rocket pesto and oregano and red chillies is a very nice and hearty pizza and the Giardiniera Classic (Rs.510) pizza with button mushrooms on a tomato & pesto base are some of the most relished delicacies.
Dough Balls, Goats Cheese Salad, Meat balls

  The Goat’s Cheese salad with watermelon was very nice with a unique addition to it which was onions, some may love it and some may not. The use of rocket leaves in most salads and pizzas is a refreshing change and makes the whole experience very crunchy and gives a peppery feel to it.  We also loved the Ramiro Al Farno (Rs.285), red bell peppers stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. The Dolcetti (mini versions of dessert) served with a hot cup of coffee takes care of the calorie conscious dessert lovers. Also Baked Vanilla cheesecake and mini version of Dough Balls with Nutella are surely worth a try for all dessert lovers…..

PizzaExpress Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Open Kitchen  and Cans of Passata Sauce
Apart from the secret dough recipe, the tomato passata sauce used for the pizza is sourced especially from a tomato farming Greci farms near Parma, Italy…..and I tell you, this makes a big difference to the taste of pizzas and the pastas…… The Coroporate Chef Mr. Uday Patil is a thorough professional with full knowledge of Italian recipes and terms and bla bla bla………He has a very good team of chefs turning the best of ingredients into the best of creations……..

They also have a combo menu or as they call it “Piccolo Menu” for Rs.450/- ++ in which one can have a 3 course meal which includes their signature dough balls, a pizza / pasta and a dessert with a soft drink.

The yummy creations are carved by the skilled Pizzaiolos - Pizza chefs dressed in Black and white stripes. These Pizzaiolos add to the virtual treat of seeing the pizza tossed and stretched ensuring the perfect dough. 

Pizzaiolos in Action
 This place had a unique design philosophy inspired by local surroundings adapting Gurgaon's rich industrial heritage with a fusion of corporate culture……

Parents should take their kids to this place … It is a real fun place where kids enjoy making their own pizzas from dough to toppings to actual baking… the heart of restaurant in the open kitchens…The Restaurant Satff is very courteous and the service is very good........

Pizza making by children
So Ladies and Gentleman … if you wanna stop for having authentic Italian pizza made from authentic passata sauce imported from Italy , the Pit stop’s is : PIZZA EXPRESS at Ambience Mall , Gurgaon .

TWCI with Chef ( Uday Patil)  Senior Management (Mr. Nandrajog & Mr. Ramit Bharti Mittal)

Wishing them All the Best for all their future endeavours……….

T-317, 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall,

Written By : Vickrham Vicky & Ambika Sukumar
Pics By : Vickrham Vicky

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