AAMantran - Made in Punjab , Cyber Hub, Gurgaon.

“The king of the fruits," mango fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruits with unique flavor, fragrance, taste, and health promoting qualities, making it the number one among new functional foods, often labeled as “super foods."

Mango is one of the delicious seasonal fruits grown in the tropics. Mango fruit is rich in pro-biotic dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and poly-phenolic flavonoid antioxidant compounds.

But do we really need so many good reasons to have Mango. ..We can have mangoes any day, anytime, any place....We love it so much....Keeping this in mind Made in Punjab , Cyber Hub,  a brand of Massive Restaurants has come up with AAMantran. ..a mango festival we may call it.....
'Made in Punjab' is a very successful restaurant serving Punjabi style cuisine since many years and people just love it. 

We were invited by them to savour a few Mango delicacies as well as some regular fare. A new Corporate Chef has been taken on board by Massive Restaurants who is reinventing the Menu as well getting a few innovations in place keeping the basics in place. Chef Angshuman is a talent warehouse, I must admit. We had lots of discussion with him on his plans and future of MIP.

Khana Peena

He presented us a Chaat with a twist and that was mango (Ambiyon ki  Chaat) awesome papdi chaat with aam chutney....aam lounji. ...cubes of fresh mango..with regular chutneys and yoghurt, even the papdi was methi papdi which goes too well with mango..... Chaat in India can never fail. ...This was too good.Had a cooling effect to it.  Then he presented us with samosa with aam angle to it (Aloo Kairi Samosa Chaat) It was the filling which had potato as well as mango in it served on a bed of cooked masala chick peas. I liked it but Chaat was better. One more real good salad dish was the Aam Kadak , kind of Aam salsa on top of a crispy khakra like papad. Truly innovative and exciting, must admit.
I ordered the  Aam Panna and a Watermelon based drink from their regular menu ,to further cool me down.

Bhaap ki Murghi (Top left), Aam kadak (Top Right) Samosa chaat (bottom))

Ambiyon ki Chaat

The regular fare at MIP is always good, so how can we skip it.We had the mutton burrah or the chaap as u may call it...Fall of the bone meat it was truly lovely. I always have their galauti kebab which is to die for. This time too it was awesome. 

Regular fare ( Chaap, galauti, Paneer tikka and Drinks

One dish from the AAMantran menu which was quite unique was the Bhaap ki murghi. Chicken mince mixed with mango papad cubes and steamed together to form a log which looks like sausage.Served on a bed of mango salsa.It was a little dry to my palette but was really innovative.
The Desserts had more surprises stored in them. The Mango Inside kulfi was truly flavorful and creamy .It was topped with the regular rose flavored Faluda, not in noodle form but in the firm of Caviar          ( tiny balls). The other and a very good dessert from this festival menu was the Falraaj....simply put it was a lovely Phirni with different layers of texture put into it. Cubes of fresh mango....Mango jelly….even the Mango bite toffee was crushed and used as crunchy topping....I loved it......
Aameetha - Aam Kulfi , Aam Phirni.

Already a must visit place for foodies.....Has got one more reason to attract you now....Hurry up and run as this mango festival AAMantran is not going to run for long...... We wish all the good luck to Team Massive and Zorawar Kalra for a brighter future…… We are waiting eagerly for the new brand by Massive Restaurants "Pa Pa Ya" , which will serve oriental cuisine but again with a twist…..It will be a game changer for sure , I know…....Keep Rocking……Cheers !!! 


6 & 7, Ground Floor, Cyber Hub,  

DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

Written and Reviewed by : Vickrham Vicky (TWCI)
Pics by : Vickrham Vicky

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