Schengen - Greek Food Fest

The Schengen Visa is the representative of the collective of 26 European countries that have mutually decided to eliminate passport and immigration controls at their joint borders. Within the Schengen area, concurrently, the citizens of these 26 European countries are free to travel in and out of this zone as one single country sharing equal international travel rights. The citizens of the Schengen zone countries cherish the right to migrate internationally without any limitations, the basis of free movement, one of the basic human rights.
All the countries in the Schengen area have diverse culture and heritage. Their languages are different, the Food is different and so are the socio cultural norms. But we as Indians living in Delhi/Ncr region are much luckier than those people, as we do not even require a VISA to travel and savour the diverse variety of food these nations have to offer. We can just head to the SCHENGEN- Deli, Bistro at Malcha Market, Chanakya Puri and have it all.  Countries like Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland to name a few have so much to offer, which is unimaginable.
We were lucky enough to attend the ongoing Greek Food Fest at Schnegen. Every couple of months they come out with a food festival showcasing one of the Schengen nations. The ambience of the place is cool, serene and modern. One can just grab a book and sit for hours, sipping coffee and savouring sinfully delectable bakeries. 

Not too big a place, but done up on three levels with a beautiful terrace, this place is a must visit. It’s very popular among Expats living in the nearby areas. This place serves breakfast starting from 8 a.m. which makes it more unique.
Lamb Ketedas, Spanakopita and Panko crumbed Queen olives (clockwise)

Classic Horiatiki Greek Salad and Oktapodi ( clockwise)

We as TWCI- The Writers Collective of India, were specially there to enjoy the Greek food.  One of the most passionate, Chef Piyush Jain explained us the whole concept and the origins of the dishes on offer and guided us thru the ending journey of food. We started with the Fasolada, a white bean soup with celery, onions and carrots. I found it to be too sour for my palette, but others liked it. The Classic Horiatiki Greek salad was soulfully refreshing with tossed tomatoes, olives, capsicum, cucumber and crumbled feta cheese. I loved it and had it the most. The Dolmades , a vine leaf stuffed with Arborio rice and almonds on a bed of tzatziki sauce was just heavenly. Soft and mosit texture with crunch of almonds and sourness of tzatziki. It was just awesome. Greek food without the mention of sea food is like a rose without fragrance. Oktapodi, char grilled octopus tentacle served with rocket leaves, pickled onions and confit cherry tomatoes. But, for us the octopus was a little too chewy as it was only pickled. Not suitable for our Indian palettes.  The Kotovolo Souvlaki wraps (chicken) and the Lamb Keftedes resemble our Indian rolls and koftas a lot. The wrap was stuffed with fresh and crunchy cucumber and oregano chicken chunks with chili and served with fries on the side. Lamb keftedas are mutton mince balls served with tomato olive relish and red cabbage. We loved both these dishes and even re ordered the wrap.

Basa Paupiette , Fasolada and Kotopoulo Souvlaki Wrap ( clockwise)
Kotopoulo Krasato, MoyEaka , Dolmades   (clockwise)

I had to miss one of the most exotic dishes in our meal, Basa Paupiette as it had prawns. And, by now we all know, I am dead allergic to prawns. This dish was loved by all and was appreciated to the limit.  It was Basa rolled with prawns on a bed of spinach and garlic potato mash.  But, I was lucky enough to savour the other speciality which MoyEaka, a layers of eggplant, potatoes and tenderloin mince topped with a cream sauce. This was a wholesome dish with all the lovely flavors of meat and spices coming thru very well.  I also ordered the Lamb Shanks from the regular menu, which was a star dish, I must admit. Very well braised lamb shank crusted with herbs, served with a flavorful ratatouille and potato mash. I can always order this dish and have it full.

WOW Drinks
Greek and Other desserts

How can a meal be complete without a Dessert, and specially a Greek one ?  We were served Baklava, done in Greek style. A hearty dessert full of pistachios, ghee, nuts soaked in honey syrup stuffed in phylo pastry baked to perfection served with vanilla ice cream. We were also served with an unusual Greek dessert, Galaktoboreko which was a soft custard filled inside a Phylo pastry again with orange glaze and vanilla ice cream. We relished both of them and were craving for more.

I was going thru their breakfast menu and next time I am surely coming for the breakfast. They have lots to offer like pancakes, waffles, French toast, fresh breakfast breads and pastries omelettes, baked hash and much more.

I suggest all to try this place once, and I am sure you will definitely fall in love with it forever.

Team TWCI - The Writers Collective of India ( Vicky, Avininder Singh and Ambika) with Team Schengen Mr. Gaurav Sharma (Mgr.) extreme left , Chef Piyush Jain (centre) & Gaurav ( Mixologist ) extreme right.

Schengen Deli-Bistro-Pub,
22/48 , Malcha Marg, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi, 110021
Ph. No. +91 9810303445, +91 7042028006



 Meal For Two - 1500 approx.

Written and Pics by : Vickrham Vicky


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