PizzaExpress has been obsessed with pizza ever since its founder Peter Boizot opened the first PizzaExpress restaurant on Wardour Street in 1965. Peter is a big foodie, and took great pride in pioneering beautiful pizza on the high street and working with the best to do this. PizzaExpress was one of the first restaurants to adopt open kitchens and was also a pioneer in taking restaurants into interesting buildings, from old churches to banks to dairies.

PizzaExpress is one of the world's leading casual dining and consumer brands. Established in 1965 in London, it now operates over 500+ restaurants in 14 countries worldwide. The brand was launched in India in 2012 in partnership with Gourmet Investments Ltd, a company promoted by the Bharti Family Office.

They have opened up 2 stores in Delhi/Ncr one in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj and the other in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. Both the stores have nicely done up interiors, keeping in mind the local theme or the history of the place. Like in Gurgaon, more stress has been laid upon being corporate and Industrial. So, exposed walls and rustic look on one side and modern and chic look on the other. The live kitchens are also a novelty here, as we can see our pizzas being made by the expert Pizzaiolos.

Recently, they launched their Summer Menu, as innovations and changes are always welcomed by the customers of today. We, as TWCI – The Writers Collective of India were invited to sample this newly launched menu as few days back. The summer menu is quite vibrant, fresh and refreshing with new drinks (Cocktails, Mocktails and Smoothies) , Pizzas from the Romana 65’s which features awesomeness in the form of fresh buffalo mozzarella. They have come up with a nice Intro Platter as well as a Dessert Platter too. 

Tropical, Ginger Fresco and Mango Berry Smoothie

Go Green Smoothie and Iced Tea
I loved the Intro Platter concept, very nicely done bowls of goodness. One with cheese, mushroom and much more stuffed sweet peppers (sweet piquante peppers) and the other with healthy dried fruit nuts. Pizzas are as always too good to describe in words. The lovely flavor of their specially imported sauce (tomatoes) with the freshest of ingredients like basil and meats.  Pastas like Aglio e olio have also been put up in this menu, which is always a favorite amongst pasta lovers. Being at Pizza Express, we need to order a pizza and that was the new, American Hottest (pepperoni, jalapenos, fresh red chilli, sausage, basil, mozzarella and more). Total burst of flavors in our mouths. I loved the crispy crust and the soft mozzarella with flavorful pepperoni on it. Super hit combination…..

Intro Platter
All the Drinks were made perfectly, with the right balance of flavors. We could only savour the Mocktails as liquor license is still awaited at this outlet. My favorite was the Ginger Fresco (ginger, mint, ginger ale and lime) and the other one which was thoroughly refreshing and healthy too, Go Green Smoothie (cucumber, mint and yoghurt). Best use of fresh vegetables and fruits to quench the thirst of the thirsty customer.

Dough Balls (regular menu)

We also tried their Dough Balls ( regular menu) which have always been the best sellers. Soft, hollow balls of dough served with pesto, pesto rosso and garlic butter. Kids love it a lot.
I tried the grilled skewers also, one was with chicken cubes and other was with succulent prawns, served on a bowl of fresh watermelon salad. OOh la la….. Hot and yummy !!!

Grilled Prawns and Chicken (regular menu)
The best as always was yet to be unveiled, the Cheese Cake ….. I must tell you, this is the best Cheese Cake in town with no fuss at all. Pure flavors of awesome Philadelphia cheese served with gelato or ice cream. BTW the dessert Platter (summer menu) has small portions of Cheese cake, chocolate fudge and Tiramisu).

Chocolate fudge cake(full portion) and Cheese cake ( collage)

Overall, I must admit, Pizza Express is the place to be. One of the best pizzas in town with other offerings which are equally good and very well curated. 

Coverage By : Vickrham Vicky - TWCI - The Writers Collective of India
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