Traditionally, Indian kitchen does not consist of a baking oven as a standard. Baking', as the term is used in European and Western countries, is not part of the cooking knowledge of the average Indian individual and was always the exclusive knowledge of few professional bakers in the community. And even these, so to call “Indian bakeries,” are until present days more of a sweet shop that mainly serve traditional Indian delights. In conclusion, Indians are not familiar with the habit of baking at home, in fact, the basic assumption is that a piece of cake, a small pastry, a loaf of bread or a special cake for any celebrated occasion are purchased items only and are never home made.

In India, due to rapid westernization and the expansion of modern habits, the consumption of bakery products has gained popularity among the masses. As Indians are increasingly travelling out of the country, especially to Europe, their tastes are getting more refined. With the quick food culture catching up, demand for bakery products has increased tremendously. The bakery industry or for that matter all the businesses catering to bakery are witnessing a sort of revolution. The change in life style and dietary habits of the urban population as well as rise in the purchasing power of the Indian middle class has raised the demand for more innovative products in the bakery segment.

 A phenomenon and not just another brand, from the house of LBF is coming to town, The Artful Baker.  Lite Bite Foods (LBF) which already has a vast range of brands like Punjab Grill, Fres Co, Zambar and many more under its umbrella is entering the premium Boulangarie and patisserie market with this brand. They are running a pop up at My Square, the food court of Select City Walk Mall at Saket. The people are able to know, taste and gather knowledge about the products on offer as the Head Chef or I must call him the King of Bakers in India, Mr. Sahil Mehta is also present there most of the times. He wants to educate people about his products especially the French bakery and the difference between an inferior and a superior quality product.

 In conversation with him, I realized how passionate he is about his creations. While tasting his beautiful products I was seriously transported to heaven. Awesome Taste of breads and cakes. A very unique style of baking and making Boulangarie and Patisserie from France. Mr. Mehta is the 1st from India who has been trained and Certified from the Mecca of Baking, Ĺe Notre in France.

The sour dough bread chicken sandwich, the oat meal pesto paneer sandwich and the ham and cheese croissant were really delectable. I bet, you must have not tasted something like this ever before. The Monte cristo ( or should i call it paradise.....) , the macaroons (soft textured)...Paaarfect.

Ultimately, bakery is about sinful indulgence and celebration. Naturally, when someone digs into something delicious, it brings a smile to their face. There is nothing greater than the satisfaction of watching someone enjoy the creations. And this is what I saw, at the Pop up. Each one who was trying their products was spell bound and overwhelmed with the taste from heaven routed thru , The Artful Baker………
Mr. Amit Burman , Chairman ,LBF, knows very well what he is doing. He is trying to capture this untamed market with a bang and will definitely succeed in doing so. The supreme quality of products being sold at the prices which are unbelievable. Top notch Chocolate Muffin with Chocó chips is being sold at only Rs.50 ... Totally unbeatable.....Soon they will be opening up their first store in the most posh market of Delhi, Khan Market. 
I wish them All the very best. Looking forward to many more....... Cheers.....


‘The Artful Baker ‘pop up is running at My Square ( Food Court ) at Select Citywalk, Saket . Till August 2, 2015.

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