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 Freshly Pressed Juices (Stock Pics )
Rawleaf is a brand of fresh packaged salads and lettuces. Developed by Zingreens Farms Pvt Ltd. The promoters have over 30 years of experience in the fresh produce business. Now diversifying into packaged salads and lettuces.  One of the promoters pioneered the concept of “Hot and Juicy” and “Hog dog” and is successfully running over 100 locations across the country.

Why Rawleaf

As told to us by Rawleaf ;
Salads can get boring, but not if the preparation is just right and there are plenty of tasty options to choose from. Our salads are light, yet filling and pack the right amount of nutrients recommended for a healthy meal. They are high in fiber, low on calories, hence keep your body in shape and promote healthy weight loss too!   We also have a nutritionist, Tripti Tandon, on our panel who advises us on the right mixes and one could also consult for ‘eating right’.
“World class seeds coupled with our best practices to grow the fresh produce at our farms close to the city. During off season we source our lettuce from farmers in the hills, who we have special tie ups with Packaged in our food grade tamper proof packs. Committed to freshness, quality and safety. Delivers freshest salads within 24 to 48 hours of harvest . All you have to do is open the pack, add the dressing and eat .New innovative salads from our team to avoid food fatigue.”

Non Veg Salads (Stock Pics)
·      "Rawleaf" is a brand of fresh packaged salads, lettuces and cold pressed juices
·       Fresh, crisp, pesticide-free salads from freshest picks
·       Packaged in food grade tamper proof packs
·       Committed to freshness, quality and good health
·       Delivers freshest salads within 24 to 48 hours of harvest
Vegetarian Salads (Stock pics)

 All you have to do is open the pack, add the dressing and eat or opt for a lettuce bag to create your own salad or twist the cap and drink.

I have tried most of their Salads and juices. I am highly confident that if anyone tries it once, they would just love it. Yes , the pricing can be taken as a little on the higher side, but the quality of the product, packaging, delivery and maintaining their high standards compensates it. Both Vegetarian as well as Non Vegetarian versions are class apart. few of my favorites being - Waldorf, grilled chicken, Grilled Vegetable, Quinoa and grapefruit and Smoked salmon. My mom loves their kimchi salad and the Caesar salad. My daughter loves their freshly pressed juices. We are happy, she is consuming Juices for the first time and that too healthy ones and not the sugary packaged ones (tetra pack). The freshly pressed juices are really refreshing and pack loads of nutrition. I recommend Rawleaf.in with full conviction.

My Order

My Order

 Range of over 45 exciting salads! Choose from among exhilarating combinations of Kale, Quinoa, grapefruit, arugula leaves, seafood, cold-cuts, etc.

The latest additions are, the healthy, safe, sugar free, preservative free, 100% pure, range of cold pressed juices. The 5 variants being – Detox, Trim, Purify, Fuel Up and Zest. The juice names itself, convey the health benefits. . These juices are closest to raw and contain more vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants per bottle.

How to Order ? 

Just Log into their website  www.rawleaf.in  and order online.

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