Mr. Sub, originally called Mr. Submarine before the 1990s, is a chain of submarine sandwich shops in Canada. The first store was opened in 1968 in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood, which was then known for its "hippie" culture. It has come a long way now, and started to spread in other countries like UAE, India and so on.
Canadian submarine sandwich brand Mr. Sub has entered the Indian market with Arnav Saluja-led Beverly Food & Beverages as the master franchisee, opening its first outlet in India and the  the capital on Thursday.

The fast food company is aiming to invest up to Rs 15 crore in its stores and supply chains in India in the next one year. It is targeting as many as 250 restaurants in four to five years in India. The plan is to make phased entry into cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Pune.

By the end of March 2016, it hopes to establish 30-45 outlets in the Delhi-NCR region alone.

The first outlet, spread approx. 1000 sq ft, is located at New Delhi's SDA Market. It offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sandwiches starting from Rs.110.

We, TWCI – The Writers Collective of India were specially invited to cover the event. Located next to Barista opp. IIT, Delhi, in the SDA Mkt. this outlet is done in bright colors with lots of pictures showing the Mr.Sub history and philosophy. Pictures of fresh salads and crowds on the streets of the Canadian city Toronto depicting the year 1968, when it first opened up its first outlet.

The store is done up on ground level as well as half mezzanine level dedicated only for seating as they want their customer to relax and have their meal. I loved the concept of freshly baking the breads in the store itself. What level of freshness can you expect from them other than this !!! The freshest of veggies and the cold cuts displayed in the counter area. I must tell you they are using the best quality of meats (chicken and turkey) and the vegetables (all sanitized and pre washed). Mr. Sub is especially known for its freshly baked bread and cookies, healthy ingredients and customizing each order with different bread and sauces options to the customer's satisfaction. The USP at  Mr. Sub is the secret sauce – keep guessing !!!

Mr. Sub also offers you Asian flavors like Indonesian sambal sauce and another from far America - like a Mexican patty. It also enables you explore an achari chicken tikka and choose from chipotle bread to five grain bread, among others and from kasundi mustard to much more. The paneer tikka version is also nice. This international chain worked closely with local chefs to provide a balanced and exotic taste. The specially devised menu is 95 % customized for the Indian region. 

Apart from submarine sandwiches they also convert the 6-inch subs into salads and into a wrap experimented with spinach by adding some extra bucks to it.

For the kids, the outlet also serves special kid meals that include potato paneer patties and pizza subs, which is an authentic take on a Pizza. With all the ingredients of a pizza; like tomato sauce, cheese, diced onions, capsicum etc in form of a sub and I tried it and loved it. My personal recommendation for the best tasting SUB will be, loads of greens on the assorted cold cuts of meat with secret sauce, mayo and if you like it the BBQ sauce. A big no no for me is the pickled jalapenos and overtly tangy sauces like the vinaigrette and a few others. But these sauces taste good in the salad. So, it’s really esoteric, I may love something but you may not. Keep mixing and matching everytime and enjoy a new taste every time. 

This October Mr. Sub is planning to come up with more varieties like corn and oat patty for veggies, as also Moroccan chicken and lamb for the non-vegetarian palate as it now serves only chicken and turkey.

Wishing them all the very best for their future.

Coverage By : Vickrham (vicky) TWCI - The Writers Collective of India
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