Special Navratra Menu - Farzi Cafe Style

FARZI CAFÉ – A Phenomenon in true sense….. Not just a restaurant.  It feels great to have such eating places in our country which have altogether changed the definition and perception of the world towards Indian Food. Hats off to Zorawar kalra son of the maestro Jiggs Kalra ,who has always been working towards promoting Indian cuisines to the world.

This is my 2nd Review for Farzi Cafe, which I am writing afresh. ....Just coz I am really impressed by the Chefs Special Navratra menu...It's a must try....

We started with the first illusionary marvel i.e. the Amouse Bouche in this case the Mishti Doi Spheres (made by reverse specification) with a drop of strawberry coulis , which bursts into your mouth and fills it with fresh and sweet flavors. ...

Today, being the first Navratra (13th October) I was invited to taste their special Navratra offerings. I am usually not too excited to do so as I have always had very normal to bad experiences during these days at different eateries .I was skeptical, in this case too but there was something else in store for me.

The 1st course served was two types of starters i. e. Buckwheat Tacos and Arbi ki Galawat with Roasted Lotus seeds and sabudana (sago) crisps. No word to express my joy....Absolutely heavenly...Flavor of each ingredient was unique and transparent and yes each dish was made with pure ghee.

The next course was the Mains which included the Sabudana Risotto with Water chestnut crisps. Again a no hassle dish at all...Just pure Bliss...subtly flavored with mild and basic spices....I even asked the recipe for the same, but Chef had nothing to say as it was exactly made as we all make at our homes and no rocket science was involved in that too...But it was something, which i could have daily......

Next was the Kuttu ki Poori served with Aaloo ki subzi. Totally a home style dish served in an ultra modern platter, a truck. Very nicely prepared.....

Last but not the least it was time for the desserts. How long can the Farzi’s phenomenon hide?
The 1st dessert was the quick frozen layered Makhane ki kheer with assorted fruits served in a jar. The other dessert was the Lauki ka Halwa with singhara and dry fruit crumble (quick frozen with nitrogen)
 both were works of art and sinfully tasty. The Kheer was creamy and fruits were fresh , not too sweet. The Lauki Halwa was hot whereas the contrasting crumble was chilled , creating a nice hot n cod combo on one plate.

I was so overwhelmed with this experience that I had to specially call the Chefs (Gaurav and Sainyam) to my table to Thank them truly.

Priced quite reasonably, nobody should miss this opportunity to savour such heavenly delights in the most coveted eating joint of cyberhub, FARZI CAFE.

Overall Rating for Navratra Menu , 9 on 10. I am planning to take my parents for this holy feast soon…

Special Navratri Menu  - 13th to 21st October only

Coverage and Pics By : Vickrham (vicky)
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