GAYLORD - Vintage Charm at its best

Exterior - furniture (inside) Chandelier and Mr. Noel D'souza (GM)

The sounds of tinkling laughter, shimmering chandeliers, cutlery glinting in the warm lights and the subtle scrape of forks and knives on plates – all add to the old-world ambience of this charming place. This is Gaylord, in the heart of bustling Bombay. As you go through its doors, you are transported to an era of graciousness, chivalry and courtesy. It shines through in its people, its service and its very essence.

I was invited to review their recent Beer and Sizzler festival and what an absolute delight it was. I will start with my very first step into this haven. From a busy street, you see this retro lettering of its signage. Nostalgia hits you instantly; it is after all a brand we have been seeing ever since childhood. Its setting in the Mayfair Building at Churchgate is idyllic. My first steps were guided by my nose! Like the proverbial mouse led to the cheese, the sumptuous fragrance of baked delights had me walk in a trance towards the bake shop next to their garden portico. I was spoilt for choice, one thing seemed to compete with the other – the sights, the aroma of sinful, rich cakes, breads, sweets and savouries had me flummoxed. I was like a child in a sweetshop; I wanted it all and more! But I would have to retrace my steps back here later, for sizzlers and beer awaited me inside the restaurant.


Welcomed by the very affable GM of Gaylord, Noel D’Souza, I geared up for the flavourful gastronomic session that was to begin. The spread was lavish, and we first sampled the festive sizzlers. The Grilled Chicken BBQ Sauce Sizzler was heaven on a platter. Every flavor stood out effortlessly, complementing the tender, succulent chicken. Then the German Sausage Sizzler! How do I even begin to describe it – it left me speechless and I wished it would never end. The sausages wrapped in bacon were done to perfection and suitably sided with chunky cheese slices and grilled vegetables. And honestly, with chugs of full-bodied beer, this is my definition of food heaven.

We followed this with a gently roasted pomfret, a feast for the eyes and such subtle, mellow flavours that left one with a very cleansed palate.

German Sizzler, Pomfret, Kalamari and Rice , Soup with Garlic Toast, BBQ Chicken Sizzler
Gaylord is known for its fabulous continental fare, what I did not expect was equally fabulous fireworks of rich flavours from its Indian Cuisine. Wanting to sample all this institution of a restaurant has to offer, we selected Nalli Gosht, Sukhi Daal and Chicken Kali Mirch with rice. My senses exploded to say the least. Each flavor complete in its richness, its textures, its aromas. My vote went to the Chicken though, I loved it best.

Indian Dishes ( Sukhi Dal, Chicken Kali Mirch and Nalli )

All through our meal Noel D’Souza was kind enough to explain cuisines, share with us his extensive knowledge and treated us with unmatched hospitality. It felt like we were with a long time friend! Noel has been with Gaylord for 26 years. The passion with which he talks about every dish, every nuance and every spice clearly conveys his dedication to the brand. In the last three decades, he has been the driving force behind not only keeping Gaylord in the running with newer, contemporary and more luxurious restaurants opening up, he has infact been able to keep it as a front-runner.

Kulfi & Caramel Custard (inset)

One can really never have enough of this place and its truly special service and staff. It feels like an extension of ones own tea parlour, albeit with an impeccable charm and a choice so wide and delightful, you would want to stay on endlessly. However, it was time to wrap up, and finally, some sweets. Before all my Christmases came together at their bakeshop, I sampled the finest caramel custard and kulfi in the restaurant itself. The golden caramel was perfect-not getting one well made is a pet peeve. And for that itself I know I will eat at Gaylord whenever in Bombay. The kulfi was rich, creamy and smooth through every spoonful. I could cut through like it was butter and the texture and flavor in my mouth is indescribable. Pure goodness!

The bakeshop - ah well! That’s a whole other story on its own. Just to let you sink your sweet tooth in, I got back with me pretzels, croissants, macaroons, chocolates, pies… need I say more?

GAYLORD RESTAURANT, Mayfair Building, Veer Nariman Road, 
Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

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Coverage and Review : Vickrham (vicky)
Compiled and Edited : Sonalini Chaudhary
Pics courtesy : Vickrham (vicky)
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