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The anticipated journey of the season has started, and its destination is Christmas, an occasion for family reunions, festivities and traditions. One of the liveliest traditions of the festive season is the mixing of the ingredients of the Christmas cake. This is an age-old tradition followed in Christian households, which over the years has been adopted by many hotels and patisseries and observed with much fanfare.

In the centre the Wildfire restaurant, was placed a large steel table covered with a plastic sheet that contained a mélange of dry fruits, nuts and spices. Around 250 kilos of the fruit mix was used consisting of raisins, glazed red cherries, orange peel, tutti-fruity, black currants, dates and  walnuts, cashew, almond flakes and all spice powder. More than 75 liters of alcohol in different forms like whisky, rum, vodka, beer and liqueur was used in the mixture. This whole bunch of nut mix will give approx. 1000 pieces of plum cake at Christmas.

Pic Courtesy ( Mr. Indrashis Sinha)

The ceremony began with the distribution of aprons and plastic gloves for everyone to wear. While some people chose to wear a toque, the traditional chef’s hat, others decided to honour the festive mood of the occasion even without them. I was there with my 9 year old daughter, who was very excited to attend this ceremony. She wore the apron and the gloves, also the Hat. We mixed all the nuts and other things together but as the liquor bottles started pouring in, my daughter had to leave the table as the smell of the alcohol was really intoxicating and unbearable for a child. But we kept on churning and mixing the same nutty mixture in full and Hi spirits.
Many foreigner guests and whole F&B team including the F&B Director, Mr. Indrashis Sinha and the Executive Chef Mr. Avanish Jain were present at the ceremony table.
We had loads of chats with the yummiest stolen bread and plum cake with coffee after the cake mixing ceremony was over. 

Christmas is no fun without traditional Christmas cake and making this cake is not a quick and easy step. The age old ceremony of cake mixing starts before Christmas and is considered to be Usher for Good Tiding and Happiness. Looking forward to a Merry Christmas for all !!!

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