Ginger Bread semifreddo with ginger tuile



6  Egg yolks
80 Gms  sugar
 15 Gms. Ginger chips
2 leaves of Gelatin sheet
300 Gms. Whipped cream
80 Gms Ginger biscuits
30 ML fresh Orange juice 

For Ginger Tuile 

110 Gms Icing sugar
60 ml Orange juice
30 Gms flour
60 Gm Almond Powder
60 Gms butter
7 Gms Ginger powders

Method to make the ginger Tuile 

Gradually, mix all the ingredients together. Pour the mass on the prepared baking tray by using a mould. Bake the tuile in the pre-heated oven at 190* c until golden in colour.

Method to make the semifreddo

Soak the ginger biscuits in orange juice.
Whip the cream slowly until it gets thicker.
Beat the egg yolk with sugar till ribbon-like  consistency.
Add the soaked ginger biscuits mixture into the egg mixture. Fold the melted gelatin &  chopped ginger chips .Finally fold the whipped cream, pipe the mixture into silicon dome shaped mould & freeze it overnight. Glaze it with dark chocolate glaze & decorate with fresh raspberry, ginger tuile & gold leaves.


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