GETAFIX - Guilt Free Indulgence

A beautifully done cafe in GK 1 M Block mkt. With all the positives attached, it gives many reasons to visit this place. GETAFIX is a cool joint with all the vibrancy in its interiors starting from the painting on the wall to the beautiful messages written with chalk on a black wall to the use of pastel shades like green, yellow etc for portraying the freshness and brightness. 

Coming to the food, they have  a real good menu which has a food variety of Smoothies and Juices  made using the best of ingredients.  Like exotic berries (blueberries, blackberries and cranberries) imported pears, oranges, apples, cucumbers, celery etc. No added sugars etc. Just pure indulgence but guilt free. The all day breakfast menu is quite interesting too. We ordered Air fried fish and chips which was fabulous and did not feel like we were having any compromise on taste and quality. The chicken strips were also very crispy and tasty , served with healthy dips like yoghurt etc. The other dish was Mexican meal in a bowl which was again very healthy as it had loads of black beans and assorted veggies with a tasty gravy and rice. And mind it their portion sizes are big but light so you can have it all alone. 

The Burgers like the Quinoa and Grilled fish are too good and the buns are made of whole wheat, again guilt free indulgence. Even a dish like Lasagna was made with Low fat mozzarella and other healthy products making it much lighter than the traditional one. 

Healthy eating is fine but we cannot live without a Dessert. And how can a Dessert be termed as guilt free? But here they have.....And believe me you will love the desserts like Vanilla Pound cake, Lime pie and the Carrot cake. They are not using butter and refined sugars in the desserts instead they are using olive oil or refined oil and unrefined brown sugar or shakkar (powder form of jaggery).

Healthy Desserts

One can just sit here for hours with a book in hand a bottle of juice and a snack or can chill out with friends and eat to your heart’s content without even feeling a bit of guilt . Pricing is done nicely and 2 people can very well enjoy a meal in 1000 bucks including a Dessert.  As they are new, you can ask them for a small tasting of a Dessert too. They won't refuse , I know. Both the owners are young and passionate about their venture.

With the expert guidance of Mr.Tarun Kumar Lal (Food Consultant) , they have done wonders with  old boring fatty foods and made it guilt free yet so yummy. I am visiting them soon for a feast again. Cheers

GETAFIX, M-15, First Floor, Main Market,  
Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi 110048

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