Located just behind Select city walk next to Royal Enfield is the place called Desi Roots. As you enter you get a feel of a modern Cafe style place with all sorts of murals and contemporary style art on the walls. The retro wall clocks, trunks, milk vessels etc. painted in an eclectic manner. The menu is done on the tabloid style newspaper. The quirky prints of the seat covers and stools add more colours to the ambience.

We started with the Mogar Moong Dal pakori and Kachori kadi as suggested by the staff.I did not relish both too much. Then I ordered the chicken 65 sandwich made in our home like toaster .It was yummy. They have other stuffing options available too.
Everyone was saying it's a fusion menu but I could not relate it at all. As everything being served is totally Indian without changing its authenticity .Just improvising on the presentation and aesthetics does not amount to fusion. The menu is not too elaborate. If you like Indian food whether it's South Indian or West Indian or even says from. Bihar then you will surely like the place. Taste, I can't say shall be truly stunning.

I liked the Necklace Road Special (Pulled Mutton with the Malabar paranthas) but the Nihari with Khameeri roti (Delhi-via-Lucknow) was just average. Also the Dagga ji ke Chai Bagaan (Mangodi mattar dish) was not for us at all.

The best part is their awesome drinks .One should not miss the Sangria as well the Des Pardes cocktail Bourbon with orange juice...U will love it...In the desserts we ordered Nolan gur ice cream and Moti choor cheese cake. Both of the desserts were just ok and nothing over the top.

Overall, a nice and big place to come with family and have Indian food from North to South and East to West with a modern twist.

Food - 3.5 / 5
Ambience -  4.0/ 5
Pricing - 4.0 / 5.0

DESI ROOTS, - Salcon Rasvilas, Near Select City Walk Mall,
                                             District Centre, Saket, New Delhi.

Coverage & Review By : Vickrham (vicky)
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