‘Junglee Billee’: Unique Boutique-Studio-in-Bar

‘Junglee Billee’: Unique Boutique-Studio-in-Bar

‘Junglee Billee’, a stunning new concept Boutique-Studio-in-Bar, is now opened in the coveted laneway of Greater Kailash, Part 1, M-Block market. It is India’s first, stylized designer eatery and lifestyle destination dedicated to the deserving divas of modern times. The Boutique-Studio-in-Bar offers a range of products suited to the many aspects of a woman’s lifestyle and personal living space from home furnishings to fashion everything is up for sale.
The Bombay velvet evening on 17th December ‘2015 gave a sneak peek to the much awaited launch of Junglee Billee .The launch party saw an exclusive preview of the place. It was one gala evening, which witnessed presence of many prominent socialites, people from the fashion industry and renowned chefs. 
The launch saw guests like Promila Bahri, Naseer Abdullah, Actor Arun Bakshi, Poonam Bhagat, Sonalika Sahay, Sukhneet Wadhwa, Meher Bajwa, Preeti Dhata, Actor Harish Kumar, Liza Verma, Anand Bhusan, Alpana & Neeraj, David Abraham, Krishna Somani, Samant Chauhan, Sanjay Sharma, Sylvie, Vivek Ramabhadaran with Neha, Saurabh Khanijo, Chef Sabyasachi Gorai among others while looking their fashionable best while they celebrated the launch of the Junglee Billee.
Nida Mahmood inspires each aspect of the Boutique-Studio-in-Bar. She has specially designed everything from the exquisite wallpapers to the furniture, from light fixtures on the walls to the elegant crockery.
Junglee Billee offers to its guests a unique experience of tickling the taste buds with quirky India inspired food while enjoying the tongue in cheek curated, crafted, cared, bespoke décor.
The space is all about quirky set-ups-Bombay Velvet meets modern quirk. Attractive wallpaper patterns- developed keeping in mind the strong yet fluid nature of Art Nouveau. Very much like the strong-minded women who are the inspiration, the prints have the gentleness of the essence of being a woman but at the same time the strong mindedness of a strong willed individual. These prints represent a strong direction while being delicate and gentle in appearance. Subtle yet with a strong language, the prints and colors work hand in hand to create the collection.

Photo displays– Some rare photographs of the Divas over the golden era of Hindi films adorn the walls of the restaurant, soothing color palette- ranging from soft blues to lemons to pale oranges, shades of greens to soft pinks, peaches and nude, the color palette is a plethora of shades of colors that have not used before.
The space has been dressed with original vintage décor elements like cameras, typewriters, binoculars, vintage fans, lamps, table fans and women vanity items like combs, hand embroidered velvet pouches, hand mirrors and many other knick knacks collected over a period of time from across the country. The space leaps to a novel curve in the realm of fine dining, offering an environment never seen before in the food industry of the capital.
Everything in the Boutique Studio Bar is available for purchase–Swarovski’s IB partnership with Junglee Billee brings an upmarket edge to its customers with not just the sparkling, stylish and creative jewelry but other customized product range of cushion covers and portraits and many more. The IB seal on products will make the provenance and authenticity of products made using Swarovski crystals immediately clear to the buying public, for whom items embellished with the genuine articles hold greater intrinsic value and appeal. Then moving on to an exclusive range of Onyx Mosaic Stone by Dlux Decor that is the integral part of the restaurant to the especially designed wallpapers and furniture by Nida Mahmood, to the elegant cutlery of Schott Zweisel Glassware (Germany), Robert Welch Cutlery and Tata Ceramics Crockery. All of these elements are for sale; limited edition designer pieces have been specially crafted for Junglee Billee.

Speaking about the latest venture Mr. Amit Aggarwal, Owner, Junglee Billee said “I wanted to create a unique Boutique-Studio-in-Bar space for the ladies, giving it a vintage look infused in modern era. My vision with Junglee Billee is to showcase Indian cuisine retaining it’s traditional elements, with our menu we wanted to represent the culinary landscape that the country has to offer and we would surely want to push the same concept globally. We now have an exciting new space, where we are looking forward to imaginatively push culinary boundaries”.
My vision, while designing the Boutique-Studio-in-Bar, was to create a space, which is packed with creative energy and breathes my love for quirk. I wanted to design a space that was original in concept as well as out of the box in experience. The space is tongue in cheek quirky, curated, crafted, cared and bespoke. Junglee Billee is a treasure trove of charming little details which oozes energy and has the ability to take the diner to experience a piece of Bombay Velvet meets India quirk the Nida Mahmood way! Said Nida Mahmood Designer Junglee Billee.

Junglee Billee caters to every diner’s need, featuring a full service bar, lounge and café area for dining service. The bar list features a wide array of martinis, specialty drinks and cocktails. Food offerings include everything from gullies and café’s of Bombay (iconic chaat’s, street food to exotic Italian) to cherish your taste bud.
“I love the concept. I think it’s really cool and quirky and that this will be a safe haven for women in Delhi. The Guajarati vegetarian food by the Maharajas in a fine dining set up is new and has never been done before anywhere in the world. I am really excited about the same and I look forward to taking this to Dubai and London” Says renowned Chef Sabyasachi Gorai food consultant at Junglee Billee.

Junglee Billee’ 
Greater Kailash,Part 1, 
M-Block Market, New Delhi

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