Noida finally got its Thai stop after a really long time. Flluid, at Mosaic, recently launched their Thai menu as a promotion from Feb 8th to Feb 14th. It was a great privilege to be invited for a special tasting of the fare on offer. The lounge is beautifully done up, imparting an aura that’s relaxed and luxurious. It sets the tone for the meal to follow; this restaurant cum bar has been synonymous with serving up the most delectable cuisine in an ambience that guarantees matchless service and privacy. There is a wonderful selection of spirits where from you could choose your accompaniment to kick off and then with your meal.

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Thai food is somewhat of an acquired taste, but for those who relish it, there can be nothing better. It promises a tantalizing burst to the taste buds, with flavours that are sour, sweet, salty and tangy with a plethora of interesting and enlivening textures. The staff, as ever, was courteous and attentive. The lunch started off with a round of some mouth-watering appetizers. We were served the very delectable and tender Thai High Satay to begin. This grilled chicken satay was delicately flavored with black pepper, lemon grass, kaffir lime and galangal. Very satisfying to the taste buds. This was followed by Porpia Chae; it was a burst of textures in the mouth and a delight for those with vegetarian sensibilities. It was essentially vermicelli and vegetables wrapped in wafer thin spring roll pastry and deep fried to a crispy, sunny gold.

For me the soup that came up was one of the best on the menu. The Tom Kha Phak was a spicy, clear vegetable soup. The sharpness of the spices was toned down with soothing coconut milk and galangal added a rich flavor. Just like soup should be – sharpening the taste buds in preparation for the main course to follow. Alongside, we were served the Som Tam – a spicy raw papaya salad. This I feel could have been done better. The flavor was not exciting and it was served up in small bowls. This quite defeated the purpose of a salad which should be allowed to breathe in an open serving, rather than lie wilted in a small bowl.

For the main course we were served Thai High Chicken, Pla Tom Som (poached fish with ginger, lemon grass and red onion), Phad Kraphawhed Plik Sod (mushroom in sweet basil with fresh green chilli). This was accompanied with Thai Flat Rice Noodles and Khao Phad Kraphaw which is a spicy fried rice with hot basil.

The poached fish was exceptional and I would certainly recommend it for a good Thai flavor. The Chicken was a safe play on flavors and I would give the mushrooms a complete miss. The rice was great on flavor but the flat rice noodles could have been done better. Overall, I found the meal satisfying, barring a few points as I have mentioned already.

The dessert – a Coconut Mint Souffle – was something I was really looking forward to. I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t wowed either. It lacked the texture and lightness I expect from a good soufflé. But it is ideal for those who prefer their sugar to be mild. The flavor of mint was kind of overpowering the gentle coconut. I think a little nip and tuck is really needed for this recipe.

On the whole a pleasing experience. Kudos to Mosaic Hotels for introducing Noida to Thai!

FLLUID, Mosaic Hotels, 
C 1, Sector 18, Noida

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Coverage By : Vickrham(vicky) & Sonalini Chaudhry
Compiled and Edited By : Sonalini Chaudhry
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