Class will always attract class. And Niche will truly create for itself that precious niche every restaurateur hopes for when launching into this very competitive industry. What a spectacular place; I compliment every single mind that went into creating this epitome of fabulous.

Set on the second floor in M Block, Connaught Place, Niche is right above Garam Dharam and Chew. A brilliantly stocked bar welcomes you the minute you set your foot in. And you will glean its elegance in just a glance. It speaks of relaxed, luxurious riches. The bar is stately, not loud or garish, not shouting for attention. Invited as I was for a bloggers meet, little did I know when I first saw the bar that Niche boasts to have one of the greatest mixologists on board. The large expanse of a skyroof held me captivated as I stepped further in and then was lead to a warm leather and wood den like interiors done with utmost finesse. 

Served first up was the finest welcome drink I have had in a long time. Dillinger was our aperitif. Dill Vodka, bay leaf, cucumber, grapefruit bitters, a citrus tang and mustard flowers. It was a burst of gentle flavours, so refreshing that it set the pace just right for the meal to follow. For the appetizer course, we were served Paneer Dumka Roll, French Onion Soup Rings, Polenta, Vietnamese prawns, Pappu Chicken and 57’ Duck Breast and also the Chili Aam Papad Chilean Pork Ribs. Here is fusion for you at its best. Though I could not sample the entire vast array, everything was cooked and dished to perfection. The Paneer Dumka Rolls were absolutely delightful with a wonderful sweet and sour stewed peppers sauce. Delectable indeed! The French onion soup rings, though a tad heavy on the pallete did afford and delicious flavor of gruyere. The polenta was by far the winner, served up with mushrooms, asparagus, baby carrots and parmesan on a bed of mushroom soil. Beautiful and the most refreshing flavours.

I gave the prawns and pork a skip here, but the pappu chicken was a delightful Punjabi style spiced up affair and the duck too was tender and flavourful. The Gourmet Sorbet Bellini flavored with pineapple and thyme was a very thoughtful pallete cleanse. I must mention that every dish was served accompanied by a fine wine, from Fratelli Chenin Blanc, to Hardy’s Stamp Chardonnay Semilion, to Il Casone Pinot Grigio.

The Salad course came with a Beets and Goat Cheese salad that was such a beauty to behold. The flavors matched the beautiful presentation and I would have gladly wrapped up an entire meal just with that! The Smoked Salmon salad with the gazpacho was rather wonderful too.

The main course was a study in brilliance. The Hari Saag was a rather fascinating take on makki ki roti and sarson ka saag. It was served up as polenta crusted deep fried youghurt balls in a saag gravy. Accompanied by corn bread, jaggery chips and white butter soil. The Smoked Mushroom Risotto was one of the finest I have ever tasted. Not overwhelmed with cream and yet a smooth texture with smokey undertones. Once again, the accompanying wines were an absolute perfect match. Unfortunately I had no space left to try the Confit Halibut, Chicken Breast and Lamb Shank. But I am sure they tasted as brilliant as everything else.

The dessert left a lot to be desired in terms of flavor and presentation and that is perhaps the only area Niche needs to better itself at. However, the farewell to the meal more than made up! The 1816 FLIP is a must have! Lagavulin 16, Taylor’s Ruby Port, Cranberry Marmalade, Chocolate bitters all come together for a damn fine drink served up with popcorn.

Niche is definitely fine dining at its best. Something CP and Delhi really needed. For those with a discerning taste, Niche will definitely not disappoint. Watch  out…this is going to be the place to be.

  {Niche} - Lounge & Bistro,
  2nd & 3rd Floor, M-16, Outer Circle,
  Connaught Place, New Delhi
Coverage and Review By: Vickrham (vicky)
Compiled and Edited by : Sonalini Chaudhry 
Email : vickrham.m@gmail.com 

{Niche} - Lounge & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
{Niche} - Lounge & Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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