Punjab, the land of the five rivers - Beas, Sutlej, Chenab, Ravi and Jhelum, is also called the land of milk and honey. Perhaps it would be appropriate to call it the land of plenty!! Punjabi cooking and eating is just like the Punjabis themselves. It is simple and forthright. Punjabis are a hardworking and fun loving community by nature with food and merriment, very much a part of their lives.

Being an agricultural state the staple food of Punjab is wheat and to accompany hot rotis and parathas are a variety of the most exotic vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights.

Punjabi cuisine has always been strongly influenced by Mughal invaders who brought with them the tradition of the great Tandoor and now Punjabi tandoori cooking is celebrated as one of the most popular cuisine throughout the world.

Punjabi cuisine is not subtle in its flavors. There are no intricate marinades or exotic sauces but it has full-bodied masalas (spices) cooked with liberal amount of pure desi ghee (clarified butter) always served with a liberal hand of butter or cream. Milk and its products are an essential part of everyday cooking. Curd and buttermilk are also an essential concomitant with every Punjabi meal.

Keeping the tradition alive and to bring the heartland of Punjab to our own city, Punjab Grill has done its best so far. Punjab Grill from the house of Lite Bite Foods have tried to take things to a new level. Corporate Chef  Gurpreet Singh Gehdu with his Team has done wonders which are real works of art, I must say.

We have always , for as long as I remember have savoured only a selected few dishes like Butter chicken, Dal Makhni and Sarson ka Saag with Makki ki Roti and considered them to be the cult dishes from Punjab. But we never gave it a second thought that these dishes have always been done commercially at Restaurant level, whereas real Punjabi cuisine has existed and evolved at Punjabi homes in Pinds (villages) and towns of Punjab.

Team Punjab Grill has done a lot of research and finally brought back the gems of traditional cuisine of Punjab like the Atta chicken, Kunna meat, Maa Choley di Daal, Khoya Paneer, Lamb and Chicken Pickle, Jaggery infused with spices, Ghee Shakkar and not to forget the most appetizing Kali Gajar ki Kanji.

I was invited by them to relish these delicacies, and was really impressed by the way they have cooked and presented the whole affair. Each and every dish , starting with the  Machhi ke pakode ( big chunks of river Sole fish covered in chickpea flour batter with ajwain and deep fried) which were the best I have had till date. The Mutton Chaap was and has always been the most coveted dish at Punjab Grill, the three ribbed mutton cuts coated in the most exotic blend of spices and grilled; melt in the mouth types. The Kali Gajar ki Kanji was the perfect accompaniment and a great start to the meal. 

The highlight of the meal was the Kot Kapura Atta Chicken, which was served next. It came as a ball of dough, well cooked and brownish in colour (grilled in tandoor). The server very humbly cut the dough and the muslin cloth in which the chicken was wrapped inside with whole almonds and tandoori masala in yoghurt etc. Smell was amazing and yes the taste was very different from whatever style of chicken you have ever had. Though it was a little dry, but still very unique and flavourful. The dishes like the Kunna Meat ( cooked everything together in one pot) and Pind da Saag  (coarsely ground) were served in clay bowls accompaniments were fresh white butter, lamb and chicken pickle, gajar gobhi pickle,and not to forget the Khoya Paneer( white gravy with sweet milky flavour) and the Maa Choleya di Daal ( Langar Style).  

Small size breads i.e. Tiny lachha paranthas, pudina paranthas and mirchi paranthas were served , which were very cute as well as perfectly done. One of the best dishes was the Hari Choliya Pulao made with Basmati rice and the Sela; tasted really awesome.

The Ghee Shakkar (powdered jaggery) was another gem on the table, which made the whole experience more worthwhile. For the desserts they had done beautiful Jaggery Rice (not very sweet at all) and the Makhana ki Kheer. Both were very nicely made and a perfect closure to our meal experience.

For the love of Punjabi food, especially the unique dishes on offer during this promotion ; all the foodies and food lovers whether Punjabis or not must visit Punjab Grill and savour the flavours of RANGLA PUNJAB.

 PUNJAB GRILL - Level Two, Select City Walk, Saket
UPTO - Feb 24th (Lunch and Dinner)

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Coverage and Review By : Vickrham (vicky)
Email :  vickrham.m@gmail.com

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