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A talk over Tea by Typhoo

Tea has a defined space in our daily life; a perfect start for our day is to have a cup of tea. Typhoo UK’s finest tea brand hosted a talk on tea and its benefits  with veteran writer and journalist Sharmila Chand author of book “Cheers :365 Cocktails and Mocktails " and Dietician Dr. Neelanjana Singh the dialogue was around Tea and with its stupendous health benefits. In an in-depth talk held at Cha Bar on 19th February 2016 the panelist shared their knowledge on the holistic benefits of Tea on mind and body.

Mr. Subrata Mukerjee, Typhoo India spokesperson Shared his views on how Typhoo teas and infusions are apt for consumers who are conscious for their well-being. He also unveiled the new caffeine free organic range in chamomile and peppermint variants.

Dr. Neelanjala Singh shared her depth knowledge on how Tea has far significance other than just being a necessity to begin a day; consuming tea as a drink is more important than other superficial options available in market, also how tea should be brewed and its intake.Tea has many beneficial factors it has high content of flavonoids and anti oxidants it increases metabolism by 5%  and also calms and reduces stress..

Veteran writer and journalist Sharmila Chand moderated the whole event and guests were served Tea mocktails from her book "Cheers:365 Cocktails and Mocktails" and Typhoo rustled up their signature tea mocktails with its fruit and herb based Fruit Infusions range.

Recipes will follow in the next Blog

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