WHITEBOARD CAFE - Perfect Place to Meet

Hyderabad saw another startup for emerging ideas and brains to have sessions of building business.

Whiteboard Café comes up with professional-grade conference rooms and calm co-working space. 

The launch of Whiteboard Cafe (WBC) took place on January 20, 2016 at the outlet’s premises in Madhapur with Chief Guest Dr. B.V.R. Mohan Reddy, Chairman of NASSCOM and Executive Chairman of Cyient; and Guest of Honour Mr. Ajit Rangnekar, former Dean of Indian School of Business.

Conceptualized and promoted by K.V. Jagannath ‒ a seasoned businessman who's been part of meetings across the globe and understands what is required ‒ WBC provides a thinking space where both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs can imagine, develop and refine ideas that change businesses and lives. The innovation-oriented offering is located in Hyderabad's hotbed of creativity, opposite the Cyber Gateway landmark.

WBC offers professional-standard conference rooms for on-the-fly meetings, investor pitches, recruitment drives, and more. These are named after famous thinkers and innovators (Kalam, Curie, Tesla) and cater to the needs of the business community, such as privacy and ease of availability.

Also on offer is a co-working zone titled The Junction, where people eager to make a difference can come together to discuss and develop ideas. It’s perfect for those who need an atmosphere to foster their creativity or an entire table for a group brainstorming session. Additionally, all co-working zone fees include high-speed Wi-Fi and are redeemable against food and beverages in the menu.

The menu itself is a thing of wonder. Turning fresh and healthy ingredients into exciting, delicious dishes is not an easy task, but the culinary team at WBC has outdone itself. With offerings that range from fresh salads and hearty soups to novel starters, the food at WBC fuels great ideas. It's also ideal for expecting mothers, people on diets, and those who embrace a healthier way of life.

The beverage selection includes cafe favorites made from premium coffee that will go down a treat with connoisseur’s ‒ cappuccino, espresso and green tea. There are also cold coffees and frappes, rich shakes, and a special Whiteboard Wonder that’s presented in exquisite fashion. The beverage menu complements the food, giving thinkers the energy they need to change the world.

About Whiteboard Café: WhiteBoard café is the perfect place for your meeting. Our work environment is the perfect place to come up with the next big thing in anything. Our healthy food and beverages will keep your mind active and your body energized letting you to concentrate on achieving success.

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