FMCG startup Nilgai Foods has launched its second F&B brand, COCOFLY, entering for the first time into India’s rapidly growing beverages market. Using only the freshest coconuts sourced directly from India's coconut growing heartland in Tamil Nadu, COCOFLY promises to present consumers with the only truly guilt-free option – 100% natural nariyalpaani with no added sugar and no preservatives. What other drink can customers buy that has none of the negative health implications linked to consuming sugar, preservatives or excess caffeine? 

COCOFLY is a low calorie, cholesterol free drink, bursting with natural goodness. Full of hydrating electrolytes, COCOFLY is an essential part of an active lifestyle, acting as nature’s very own sports drink. In addition to hydration, COCOFLY’s goodness can help boost concentration, bring down high blood pressure and improve your skin’s natural glow, moisturizing and rebuilding from within.

 Since soft launching into the HORECA segment in November 2015, COCOFLY has been picked up by Vistara airlines as a welcome drink for its business and premium economy passengers, and has already been taken on by reputed 5 star hotels and premium hospitals thanks to its winning combination of guilt-free goodness and convenient packaging.COCOFLY will officially launch in the retail market this summer, with a major ATL campaign kicking off at the start of April in Delhi. The Company has put together an ambitious roll out plan for COCOFLY, targeting 5000 retailers in its first summer alone. 

The consumer insight that underpins the campaign originated from primary research carried out by the Company. It revealed a consumer need for an all-natural, healthy drink that had no negatives such as added sugar, preservatives or caffeine. On the journey towards leading a healthy lifestyle, consumers inevitably deviate from their health goals and subsequently regret succumbing to weakness, whether it is skipping the gym, drinking a cola or eating an extra vadapao. The campaigns will centrearound the theme of COCOFLY as the only guilt-free beverage option, using the tagline “more joy, less guilt”. 

Price: INR. 30/- (Tetra Pack-200 ml) Availability: All retail stores across Delhi NCR


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