Food Revolution : Jamies Italian Way

                          Food Revolution: For A Healthier 'We'

With the ever increasing pace of our busy lives, with new developments taking over our brains by the second, we are currently living in an era where everything is getting easier for us to use or to get access of. From doing our chores in a click to smart watches monitoring our each step, everything today is making life much simpler for us. Despite all these developments there is one thing that has not only suffered but has become worse, i.e. our health. From skipping meals to overeating at some point of the day, such irregular food habits are not only harming us but are also being passed on to the future generations. To make for a healthier next generation, Food Revolution- an initiative by Jamie Oliver, a British celebrity chef, is working towards changing the way children access, consume and understand food.

Every May, special cooking sessions, discussion groups and tasting sessions are organized to celebrate the Food Revolution Day and to its success, to raise awareness and invite more and more people to join this revolution. Recently, such a cooking session was arranged at Jamie's Italian, Vasant Kunj which aimed at creating healthy-delightful easy to cook recipes for the kids. The session was conducted by Chef Abhinav and Chef Dhruv.

With the cooking stations set and all the prep done for each and every recipe, we tried our hands on making a hearty bowl of Minestrone Soup, a Classic Tomato Spaghetti and Fish with Pesto Dressed Veggies. Each of us added our twists to the dishes, from overusing the cheese to taking the dish a notch up by adding more vegetables, it was a fun session with enthusiastic kids around us. With each step of making the dish we were educated about the importance of quantity and quality of the ingredients. The best part of the session- hog on the food which was created by us amateurs. Everybody with their aprons on took this opportunity to learn and further spread the message of healthy eating.

We should always remember that a meaningful change can only be built from the ground up. Following healthier eating habits today will trickle down to the future generations and so on. All we need is do our bit and pass on the habit.

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Happy Healthy Eating to You!

Compiled By : Ritika Dhawan
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