Kitchen District – Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon

Kitchen District –Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon

Yes, I know it is completely out of the way from everywhere. Yes, I know it’s just a tad bit far for an impromptu dine out plan. But it is five very distinct cuisines, five kitchens existing in perfect harmony, creating a beautiful symphony of aromas, flavors and textures and forming one culinary district! And how often does that happen? So, yes you may have to plan your visit to the Kitchen District at Hyatt Regency - Gurgaon a little in advance but it will be worth your while and more.

The minute you enter this uniquely planned space, you feel awash with good vibes – the ambient lighting, beautifully spaced seating, the vibrantly alive kitchens that are open to your view and the delightfully courteous staff all come together to form such a happy, charming ambience that you just know it will be an experience to remember.

Kitchen District has introduced a gourmet menu bursting with new flavours and textures. Specially curated by a team of passionate chefs, the new menu is light on the palate and stomach, using the choicest array of fresh and exotic ingredients. The extensive menu focuses on handpicked dishes from the coastal regions around the Mediterranean, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China cooked to perfection. Dishes are created using simple, traditional cooking methods – grilled, steamed, stir fried, and baked which bring out the true essence of the cuisine.

Chef Ashutosh Kumar had us feeling right at home and was to be our host for the meal, and Chef …… was holding fort at the kitchens, ready to enthrall us with some of the finest preparations we have sampled recently. The welcome drink was quite a surprise – it was actually a Kala Khatta Chuski! Now though I mostly shy away from chuski as a rule, I did have to take the customary trial sip. And it was rather nice, albeit only in small doses for me. I am sure those who enjoy this flavor will absolutely love it. But I must admit I focused more on the deliciously warm, fragrant bread that graced our table with an awesome dip. 

Our first sampling was from the new Japanese menu - a mixed platter of sushi and sashimi – moth wateringly gorgeous. The Maguro and Shake Sashimi, Tekka, Shake and Shitake Sushi with pungent wasabi and soy were an absolute dream. I recommend you definitely try their wonderful new Japanese menu. With a new Chef handling this segment, it is quite the star draw at Hyatt this summer. Liam Crotty, Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon said, “Being a globetrotter and having gathered knowledge about different cultures and food, I have specially designed the menu with one idea in mind – global cuisines as per the local flavor.”

From the Asian menu, I absolutely loved the Tofu Tod; it’s a fried preparation, with succulent chunks of tofu, fried and tossed with sweet chili and ground peanuts. The moneybag dumplings were rather good too but the Char Sui Bun stuffed with peking pork and hoison sauce really stood apart as the absolute winner. We also sampled the Wonton Noodles Soup that boasted a fine coming together of shitake mushrooms, egg noodles, vegetables and chicken wontons in a light refreshing broth. The Wok Fried Vegetables were indeed a unique take on stir fry. They were delightfully and predominantly green with asparagus, snow peas and bok choy flavoured with a sesame garlic sauce. Extremely light and summery.

Accompanying our meal was a selection of cocktails from the special summer menu. They were presented beautifully and tasted just as great as they looked. Mixologist Niraj Ved has outdone himself with this special menu, creating heady mixes based on guest suggestions. Including a couple of recipes here – do try them at home for an indulgent evening.

We were now joined by Head of PR, Simmi Sood and by the General Manager, Roger Wright who with his wonderful wit and great sense of humour told us many an interesting tale. They insisted we try the non-vegetarian thali from their South Indian kitchen and also the Tawa Macchi. Coated with green chili, coriander, garlic and lemon, the fish was hot, spicy and really sharpened the appetite, gearing us up for the very lavish South Indian Platter that featured delightful preparations of lamb, fish, chicken, beetroot and oh so much more! Its way more than one person can hope to finish and we regrettably had to leave some of it for we had much more to try.

Moving on to the Western Menu, the Pan Seared Scallops with carrot ginger puree were cooked to perfection, retaining their soft texture paired with a gently flavoured sauce and also a very interesting fish brandade on the side. The Salmon Carpaccio came delicately flavoured with lentil vinaigrette and raisin jam. We drizzled a little balsamic on it of course as we are wont to do in our special signature way. Divine, absolutely divine. The Ricotta and Herb Ravioli was a gentle melding of flavours from cauliflower puree to potatoes to truffle butter sauce.

Stuffed full but craving dessert we ploughed on courageously. I say courageously, because well, I am known to consume copious amounts of dessert with no qualms – and getting to them after a very satiating and large meal does require courage! This is where Chef Ashutosh was in his full element! Being the patisserie chef, he was waiting to see our blissed out expressions after sampling his fabulous creations. And oh what a spread! I am so egging him on to do a dessert festival after this! Saffroned Pears…can you just imagine the burst of flavours here – pears poached with saffron syrup over hours, stuffed with herbed goat cheese – I cannot even begin to describe the sensations this arouses. This was followed by a very delightful Shahi Tukda doused with vanilla oil, topped with a cardamom mascarpone with a pretty rose petal as crown. We also tried the Chocolate Fondant with salted caramel centre, a sesame tuile and vanilla ice cream – what a beautiful presentation. The Ice Cream Macaron Sandwich was to die for, loaded with raspberry sorbet, tart raspberries, mint and ah, I just can’t describe it without going into a daydream! But the piece de resistance, wait for it, was the Chocolate Pizza! Chocolate dough base, topped with vanilla icecream, shavings of chocolate, pecan nuts, chocolate sauce…just gorgeous! Little wonder then that this is the signature dessert.

Nobody would want this experience to end, right? Believe me I was sad to leave the desserts and go. Sighing, I got up from the table with my friend, bidding adieu to all the wonderful people who brought this meal together. But it didn’t end there! For Chef Ashutosh sent us off with a fine selection of his delicious macarons - passionfruit, raspberry and olive!

Life couldn’t get any better, what say? As I grin from ear to ear, reliving this fabulous meal, I give Kitchen District five rounds out of five. Head there soonest to get your time in culinary heaven.


Compiled by : Vickrham (vicky) and Sonalini Chaudhry
Review By : Vickrham (vicky) and Sonalini Chaudhry
Edited By : Sonalini Chaudhry

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