BARCELOS - The Sizzling Hit!

Barcelos is one of the most talked place in the town. The operation of this chain started firstly at Khan Market and now is hitting Hauz Khas Village with its fame. What better a foodie can ask for..??  It came as a big hit with launch of unique colorful burgers followed by colorful tacos and now is ready to serve Delhites with some super amazing sizzlers for a long one month. Woah…! Another surprise. This time it is not about adding a punch of different colors into your food but serving it all on a hot platter to make the food more talking. 

Ambience - A good food experience can only be enjoyed in a comfortable place. This outlet lacks nowhere to provide the same. The walls are adorned with beautiful paintings, caricature and frames. It has a mix of rustic and urban look. The seating arrangement is very well laid with high tables, comfy couches and wooden benches. There is even a different section for the smoker which is again very beautiful.

Food and Drinks- Talking about the sizzlers the variety is so more than what one can ask for. The most amusing sizzler platter is of falafel and hummus. A simple sizzler layered with falafel tikki and hummus giving the whole platter a special taste and flavor. 

Mutton kebab sizzler- The mutton used is very fresh and made with perfect flavors of Indian spices. The presentation of mutton kebab sizzler was done on small wooden skewers which brought out the complete sizzler neatly instead of any mess.

Other than these the peri peri paneer, peri peri chicken and fish sizzlers are also good and lip smacking sizzlers available. All the sizzlers are done nicely on a bed of cabbage leaves with huge portion of grilled veggies on one side and herbed rice on the other. The side platter of fries is a good option to munch on with these hotty sizzlers. It has potato fries, wedges and masala peanuts with three different dips.

Drinks- Paantini, a creamy drink flavored with paan and its other components makes the whole drink very refreshing and tasty. Kala khatta, a pomegranate based drink with tangy flavors suiting its name. Watermelon limade, simple lemonade is played with the use of watermelon making it more refreshing and happening. Virgin mojito is the most basic but perfect drink to compliment the food well.

The festivity becomes livelier when things are executed with perfection. Barcelos is leaving no chance to make this sizzler festival another hit……

Coverage By : Charu Singhal
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