Bonhomia - Making Coffee Gourmet!

Coffee, an addiction for some and a culture for many, is a brew that needs no introduction but certainly needs to be educated about. With coffee chains in every nook and corner, our palate is now used to that artificial flavours. Little do many know the difference between a good espresso or a latte, forget talking about it's blend, roast or body. It's time to know what goes into our cup and how it should be done.

Bonhomia, a company started by two youngsters Kunal Bhagat and Tuhin Jain in 2012, is up to the task of giving you that perfect cup every time. The only venture that offers single serve gourmet coffee capsules that compliments their brewing machine, The Boho. With an intention to ensure that one understands the taste and the components of a good coffee, they have developed such a machine that pours out the perfect quantity or shot of coffee every single time. 

We just need to insert the coffee capsule and press a button, out comes an aromatic shot with a layer of golden creme that will please your senses. If you want it to level up the experience even more, they have a milk frother: just pour some milk and within 4-5 minutes it comes out all hot and creamy. From flavoured coffee capsules like hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate to capsules with a intensity level as high as 11, they have it all captured in a capsule. The machine is very easy to clean and portable. Also they have a range of tea capsules and what makes them even more desirable is that they are made form the produce of India. With delivering consistent taste, texture and flavour, the machine epitomizes technology and refinement.

With about 3-4 cups down me, I still couldn't get enough of how fuss free the machine was. With every pour the room would get filled with the aroma and with every sip an experience of intense satisfaction. They also educated us about the different kinds of blend and roast. A proof of their credibility is that renowned hotel groups such as Hyatt, The Oberoi, Taj, Starwood and many more are customers of their capsules and machines.

Currently present in more than 80 plus stores across the country and on Amazon and Snapdeal as well, one can also purchase it from their own website. The coffees come in 6 flavours and varying intensities ranging from organic to darker full bodied blends, which includes Free Love (intensity level 5), Dark Deeds (intensity level 8), Organic Bliss (intensity level 4), Black Veil (intensity level 9). The tea variants include Green Peace - Green Tea and Blackpot - English breakfast. Compatible with Nespresso, the capsules are very affordable with a price ranging from Rs. 35 and the machine from Rs. 9,990. What I would personally recommend is the Hazelnut one.

So sip it when you crave and fuel your craze for coffee, experiment making drinks, be it hot be it cold, with a dollop of whipped cream or with some luscious chocolate and caramel. Go wild with coffee, go Bonhomia!

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