Glass House redefines The All Day Dining concept in the city with the newness it brings to the overall dining experience. Glass House restaurant and bar dishes its diners with an experience of culinary extravaganza and warm service touches which is exclusive of Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon. The key drivers are variety in cuisine, authentic flavors, quick and warm service along with quality experience. Adding to the variety in cuisine, Glass House is an abode for all things new and fresh. 

This restaurant nestled away in Gurgaon, is a pleasant surprise to the palate. The chef’s versatility in every cuisine they feature is commendable. This all-day dining restaurant is much more than just another coffee shop, with both indoor and outdoor seating available, a pastry shop just adjacent and a variety of dishes from various cuisines to choose from. Located at lobby level, it is at heart of the hotel action and its easy accessibility to natural light just adds on to the meal experience. Glass House is very modern in its set up and ambience. The very vibrant yet urbane interior has a global appeal. Existence of lobby lounge bar within the restaurant is for those who desire exclusivity and experience to be taken to a level ahead.

The creativity and authenticity never ceases at Glass House, with their newest creation being ‘Flavours of Lanka’ food festival, gives one an authentic culinary journey across Sri Lanka. Visiting chef Thulitha Niranjana from Hilton Colombo Residence has aptly created a menu that features Sri Lanka’s most magnificent delicacies. Hailing from the secluded town of ‘Hanwella’ situated 30km away from its capital Colombo in Sri Lanka, Thulitha Neranjana (27) claims that he always knew that he desired to be a chef. Even as a child, Thulitha would don a play hat and use kitchen utensils to whip up imaginary meals for an audience. He commenced working in a local hotel for a year and was then selected to Hilton Colombo Residences where his chief responsibilities include planning buffet menus for the main restaurant, and overlooking the areas for quality and consistency in multiple cuisines in the restaurant as Commis Chef. Even now, Thulitha spends much of his time researching new dishes online, studying new food trends, and learning how to perfect his dishes. “Cooking is a way of life – a combination of science and art. I am glad that I discovered my passion at a young age that has made me realize my dreams in this industry”, says Chef Thulitha when asked about cooking and what it means to him. To credit this, he has won awards for live cooking competitions held at a national level.

According to Chef Thulitha, there isn’t a great distinction between the Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine as the two countries have similarities in culture, lifestyle, and beliefs. The only factor is that Sri Lankan cuisine incorporates spices differently, with a different blend. Chef Thulitha will spend the next week in showcasing dishes that are unique to Sri Lanka, such as ‘Kalu Pol Maaluwe’, ‘Ambul Thiyal’, ‘Batu Moju’, and ‘Bitter gourd sambol’. Each dish offers a myriad of flavor and different levels of spice. When asked about the Sri Lankan promotion in India, Chef Thulitha says that it is an honour to represent the country, doing something he was destined to do. “I am going to focus on the authenticity of the cuisine to ensure every guest visits Sri Lanka, gastronomically speaking. I am so thankful to have an experience such as this, and I look forward to speaking to guests and explaining each item of the food”, he continued. 

The Flavours of Lanka food festival being held from 8th July to 17th July 2016 at Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon/Baani Square, is definitely an event never seen before in Gurgaon and that too, to such a pure and authentic level. The meal makes for a perfect dinner for those foodies who are always looking for something new to please their palate.

Coverage By : Vickrham (vicky)
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