Witlinger partners with Flyp@MTV Café to boost the spirit of Friendship Day

Witlinger introduces unique ‘Beer Friends forever (BFF)’ offer to make the celebration special

New Delhi, August 4, 2016:  Are you looking forward to have a long conversation with your buddies? Are you missing the lame PJs of your friend and then a laugh-out-loud of your drunken friends? If yes, then it is time to take a break and cherish your friendship by celebrating this Friendship’s Day with Witlinger Beer and Flyp@MTV Café. India’s first crafted beer by Kama Impex Pvt. Ltd, Witlinger is coming up with unique ‘Beer Friends forever (BFF)’ offer at Flyp@MTV Café on Sunday, 7 August 2016 (2 -7 pm), spicing up the flavor of beer and friendship on this special day.

Friendship Day celebration is all about turning the pages of life and reminiscing the wonderful moments that you have spent with your pals. Witlinger Beer is a true form of celebration as it brings out the best in the people cherishing it. Its adventurous flavor and zesty spices take you to a fun journey and create memories with your friends and loved ones. The Witlinger friendships hour at Flyp@MTV Café will start from Friday and will continue until Sunday, 7 PM.

The brand is also hosting various activities around friendship and moments to create memories. The guests can participate in an online contest of sharing a picture of their friends and a beer with hashtag #BFF and tagging Witlinger and Flyp@MTV Café in their posts. The winners will get 30% discount on all Witlinger brews and can grab exciting goodie bags.

About Kama Impex Pvt. Ltd

‘Kaama’ is a Sanskrit word derived from Hindu mythology meaning pleasure of the senses. Keeping the same philosophy in mind ‘Kaama Impex Pvt. Ltd’ was formed with the sole idea of providing the Indian consumers with varied and premium quality beverages sourced from different parts of the world. The company owns the portfolio of India’s first craft beer, Witlinger. The company also has another revenue stream and is exclusive importers and distributor of other beer brands like Sol, Magners, Charger, Heverlee, Monin, and Fever Tree tonic water in India.


Taking inspiration from the vibrant UK craft beer scene, Witlinger is the first crafted beer in India brewed by Master Brewers at Brains Brewery in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Combined with over 130 years of traditional brewing heritage, knowledge, and expertise, Witlinger beer is brewed with the finest ingredients from around the world to offer distinctive flavors, giving a real and honest craft beer experience.    

About Flyp@MTV Café
You are not a singularity. You are not just one thing. At Flyp, we believe in creating a space that embodies the same concept. Flyp is Chardonnay and it is Old Monk. Flyp is Sheila and it is Shakira. Flyp is Pulp Fiction and it is Paapi Gudiya. It is din mein kaam and shaam mein aaram. It is for lip-smacking food and full on party-sharty. It is a co- working space and a performance venue. It is pop-up trucks and pindi bhangra.

At Flyp, we have created a space to work, chill and play. We serve you learning, with workshops, comedy with stand-up acts, virtual reality, and vodka cocktails. It is not just one thing, it is several. It is your own space to be whatever you want to be. Come. Flyp out.

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