Kebab Festival at Barcelos: The Most scrumptious Kebabs in Town

Barcelos’ is always up to working out innovations and this time their innovative ideas had creeped into a new range of assortments in the menu. Barcelos’ has introduced the Kebab festival that has called for some of the most exotic Kebab introductions in the menu. The launch of the Mediterranean as well as Portuguese Kebabs in the menu can give you new goals to visit Barcelos again and again.

Though the number of innovations has not been numerous, yet each and every item boasted of the bespoke culinary skills of the chef. It is not the quantity rather quality that Barcelos had always insisted on and this time like all other times, they have lived up to the expectations of its fans.

Barcelos HKV a few days back had extended its hands of friendship to the children of Samparn Home and had won our hearts of appreciation. And this time the Kebab festival had won the approval of our taste buds too. With a mixed series of assortments both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, Barcelos HKV has taken care of the appetites of both the veggies and the non-veggies.

Barcelos is indeed equipped with all the skills to make an impactful impression in the hearts of foodies. The Mediterranean and Portuguese Kebabs range from pocket-friendly prices like 225 to 645 INR and thus you don’t need to give a second thought before checking them out.

Bespoke Assortments
Coming to the delicacies, there were some super sumptuous kebabs like Chicken Shish kebab, Chicken Espetada, Boneless thighs with onion and pepper, Spinach and cheese kebab and many more to explore.

The vegetarian range of Kebabs equally spoke of imprints of innovation. You have the stuffed mushroom kebab, a fine fusion of sweet and bitter Broccoli and Pineapple kebab, Mushroom Galouti Kebab, Veg Sheekh Kebab etc. Lotus stem and semolina kebab was probably the best of the vegetarian assortments. The vegetarian kebabs began from a comfortably economic range of 175 INR.

Recommendations: The must try assortment that Foodmaniacs strongly recommends are the Seekh Shot glass and Spinach and cheese Espetada. The Seekh shot glass served in shot glasses with Peri Peri dips are indeed some of the super cool ways to fulfill your hunger pangs.
So when are you being a part of the Kebab Festival in Barcelos?

Compiled  by : Moumita Sen for Foodmaniacs
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