Festive Recipe by Exec.Chef Roy - Le Meriden Gurgaon

Mix Berry Verrine

For Jelly:
Mango puree                        100gms
Gelatin sheet (one)               3 gms
Sugar                                    20 gms
For Mascarpone Cream:
Mascarpone cheese             150 gms
Whipped cream                   150 gms
Icing sugar                           40 gms
Vanilla pod                            1 in number
Fresh Berries:
Strawberries                         2-3
Blackberries                          2-3
Blueberries                            2-3
Red Currant                          20 gms
Raspberries                           5
For Mango jelly, boil the puree with sugar and add gelatin
Put the mango jelly on the base of the glass
For making mascarpone cream, mix all the ingredients together and whip it till it is semi-whipped
Pipe it on the glass over the mango jelly, sprinkle with mixed berries and again pipe the mascarpone cream on it
Garnish it with the remaining berries, gold leaves and pistachios

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