Diabetic Dessert Trail: A Unique and Must Foodie Journey for all Dessert Lovers

 Diabetes is indeed one of the most commonly complained health conditions nowadays. No wonder almost every 1 out of 5 people in the family is afflicted by diabetes and unfortunately the remedy is a huge bag of medicines and saying no, no to sweets. But Kudos to Manoj and Seema Pinto, who with their personal experiences and enthusiastic sprees was able to come up with something new, innovative and a perfect remedy for all those diabetes lovers who just cannot live without desserts. Welcome to the diabetic food Trail, a journey that was the creation of these two geniuses who believed that even a diabetic person can also feed on desserts, only and only if they are enough healthy.

Delhi happened to witness such a healthy Diabetic Dessert Trail wherein several food bloggers were invited and were taken to different deliciously famous food joints. And then the surprise unveils. You come across scrumptious desserts and they are not diabetic, well, we mean, they are healthy and made in a manner to take care of all your diabetic safety measures.

The journey started with Berco’s , a culinary joint that has several branches in Delhi. However the Trail was executed in Greater Kailash Area and thus the branch chosen was Berco’s of Greater Kailash. Berco’s served two dessert delicacies: Sugar –free caramel custard and Sugar-free Lemon Cheesecake.

The best parts of these two desserts were that they were both a compromise on sugar but still they tasted equally delicious. What more can be a pleasure for a diabetic person who can happen to gorge on such fabulous dishes without even giving a second thought on the calorie counts?

The next food stop at the Diabetic food trail was GetAFix. This joint too is a celebrated name in cuisines and everyone was looking forward to what surprise shall be unveiled from them. GetAFix came up ith a unique concept of a sugar-free carrot cake and a sugar-free lime pie. A cake without sugar and that too made of healthy carrots is an unimaginable affair almost. Lime-pie also offers the same surprise and believe us both were once again filled with awesome tastes.

The third stop in the Diabetic Food Trail was Bohemia and I would recommend them to be the best amidst the lot. Being completely unbiased and impartial, I would give them extra brownie points because of their sugar-free tiramisu. A deep coating of chocolate, coffee flavors and without any sugar ingredients, Bohemia has in fact given me one of the best experiences. The other contribution on the plate was the sugar-free chocolate fudge.

The last but not the least companion in our food trail was G’s Patisserie. The sugar-free warm apple and cinnamon cobbler, sugar free zucchini cake and sugar free banana oats with nutria-choice essentials oats cookies were the offerings on their behalf. G’s Patisserie happened to gift us the company of an exclusive chef too, who explained the tit bits of the delicacies.

This endeavour- The Diabetic Food Trail in collaboration with Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials and Biocon, is indeed one of its kind in our foodie journeys. We loved it to the core and hope that it comes every year with such an informative experience by Seema Pinto and Manoj Pinto.

Coverage and Compilation : Moumita Sen for Food maniacs

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