Starbucks, a brand which has always kept our coffee love intact in best way possible and this time has given us the reason to celebrate the arrival of Christmas season – a time to rejoice, with traditions rooted in more than four decades of passion for coffee and connections that are inspired by the spirit of the season. From delightful old favourites – Toffee Nut Crunch Latte, Mocha Praline Latte & Christmas Cookie Latte – to new offerings – Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese & Red Hat Mocha Frappeuccino – to a specially curated holiday gifting collection that includes Starbucks Christmas Cards, Mugs and Tumblers, Starbucks is the perfect place to spark the Christmas spirit.

 Toffee nut crunch latte is a returning favourite with crispy crunch toppings that compliments espresso and steamed milk accented by subtle caramelly sweetness. Topped with whipped cream, Mocha praline latte is indeed a Christmas gift curated by Starbucks. Each sip will grow your love for chocolate, as it has rich chocolate flavour complimented with hazelnut syrup, topped with whipped cream and mocha sauce drizzle. Christmas cookie latte, a buttery creamy latte with delicious cookie dough sauce topped with whipped cream and cookie dough drizzle, finished off with a sprinkle of cookie crumbs. You can also enjoy a decadent Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese topped with almonds, served with vanilla sauce on the side.

Since 1997, Starbucks has welcomed the holidays with a special red cup that rekindles the magic of the season. Over the years, designs have ranged from the modern, using whimsical brushstrokes in bold colors, to the nostalgic, featuring mistletoe and ornaments. This Christmas, Starbucks elevates the coffee experience further with the return of the much awaited red cups in incredible new designs. From traditional Christmas lights and ornaments, to snowflakes and winter landscapes – the red cups are inspired by the holiday stories of customers from around the world, all sharing one holiday spirit.

“Christmas is a very special time for us at Starbucks and we’re delighted to welcome the holiday spirit into our stores,” said Manmeet Vohra, Director – Marketing and Category, TATA Starbucks Private Ltd. “We look forward to expressing the shared spirit of the holidays  through our much-awaited Christmas beverages now available in the new red holiday cups.”

Coverage By : Charu Singhal for Foodmaniacs
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