Set to revolutionise Asian cuisine, on a global scale

The makers of landmark culinary destinations such as Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Made in Punjab and Farzi Café, in the region, have introduced yet another revolutionary culinary concept from its stable to diners in Delhi. The newest entrant in the Capital, from the House of Massive Restaurants and another brainchild of Zorawar Kalra, is the critically acclaimed, award-winning, modern Asian Bistro Pa Pa Ya. Combining grandeur, elegance and Asian elements with a union of Japanese architecture and Indian design makes Pa Pa Ya, New Delhi, situated at Select Citywalk, Saket, a dynamic and a “high energy dining” experience.
Speaking at the launch, Zorawar Kalra, Founder & Managing Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd., said, “Pa Pa Ya is a high energy dining concept that encapsulates all the five senses, offering an exceptional sensory and a truly avant-garde dining experience. The philosophy behind Pa Pa Ya is simple - present Asian food & drink with a sense of panache and our signature innovation. This is done through a mix of cutting edge cooking techniques, such as elements of molecular gastronomy & mixology, which have been used throughout the menu, wherever it genuinely adds value, in a sense for it to be a combination of art and science.”
Situated in the Dome of one of Delhi’s most revered shopping & entertainment centers - Select City Walk, Saket, Pa Pa Ya is best described as a chic, modern and radical reinterpretation of Asian cuisine. Revolutionising Asian food on a global scale, Pa Pa Ya breaks all preconceived notions surrounding the cuisine from the Continent. It offers a perfect balance of flavours, where culinary art meets gastronomic alchemy in order to create an exquisite destination dining experience. Incorporating the latest innovations in molecular gastronomy along with cutting edge, contemporary cooking techniques, Pa Pa Ya presents a whole new dimension to Asian food, unlike any before. The expansive menu represents influences from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore, among others.
Focusing on incorporating the finest and highest quality ingredients, the freshest produce of seafood and Sushi grade fish are flown in from Japan each week. A special Sashimi storage system, a first in India, which stores the fish at -80⁰C (four times as cold as a regular freezer) to ensure freshness, is another unique aspect at Pa Pa Ya. Using the latest in technology, Pa Pa Ya also imbibes state-of-the-art equipment like paco jets for homemade ice creams and sous vide machines for precision cooking among other contemporary techniques to bring forth it’s revered dining experience.
“Pa Pa Ya, New Delhi, with an entirely open live kitchen and a Sushi bar, is the most intricate & interactive restaurant we have built till date, envisioned and brought to life by one of the finest international designers in the field – Mr. Masafumi Sanada from Mstyle Inc. Japan. It also offers a wine tasting room, temperature controlled to laser accuracy, with the largest selection of wines and rarest of spirits in India. It also showcases the tallest height of any restaurant in India and a bar space in the middle of the Dome, bringing together the high-energy experience synonymous with the concept,” added Zorawar.
Creating a seamless union of Japanese style with Indian elements, the décor is ingeniously nuanced with materials like wood and rough stone, lending a creative flair to the space. Designed to offer several levels, breaking the monotony of a single space, the intricate design elevates the warm aesthetic appeal of the symbolic void created by the exceptionally designed ceiling. It is a testament to the designer's skills - separating guests physically, while visually still ensuring that they are a part of a larger space, this is the first thing you notice at Pa Pa Ya, New Delhi. With a ceiling height of 70 feet, it is one of the tallest restaurants in the country.
Retaining the flavors of Asian classics, the menu includes its famous Sushi Matrix offering nineteen variations, Dimsum, the Laksa, Som Tam, Penang curry, Tofu Carpaccio, Tuna Tataki Pizza, Butayakitori, Edamame & Chickpea slider and the famous Chilli Hoisin Duck Dogs, to name a few with an elaborate main course section as well. There is also a dedicated modern Sushi section to enjoy. For those with a sweet tooth, the selection includes Liquid hazelnut fondant cake, Mochi ice cream - Version 2.0 and its famous Chocolate Ball on Fire, for an indulgent affair.
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