Delhi doesn't seem to like the gentle passage of winter to spring to summer. It's with mix the feelings that I see winter finally take a leave and take away with it all its sights and smells and flavours - all of which had taken up residence in our lives. It's funny how we imagine things will always stay the same and forget that change is inevitable. It needn't always be something we are prepared for, but I believe one could always look at it as chance to start afresh, reinvent, invigorate, experiment and have a grand adventure. 

But before we move on, a little stop to celebrate the goodness that winter had brought with it. A celebration of the winter menu at La Piazza, Hyatt Regency, New Delhi. Chef Ivan and Alessandro are magicians we all know that by now. How beautifully they marry rustic flavours from their grandmothers' kitchens to the sophistication of Milanese avant garde culture.

From the hearty soup to the wholesome dessert, the entire meal curated especially for the table by the inimitable chefs was just what one needed to wrap up winter in velvet box to cherish until next time. LaPiazza does some of the best breads in town. They've been around since 1994 and probably the benchmark when it comes to judging Italian cuisine in Delhi. Comfort in every spoonful, the place is just the right combination of homely and fancy. 

So we broke bread, well, a wonderfully fragrant foccacia actually, dipped it in the herbed olive oil and the mood for the evening was set. Sublime, content, and ready to imbibe all the deliciousness. As we clinked our Chardonnay, course after course unfolded most seamlessly as one expects from the brilliant hospitality of Hyatt. The hearty mushroom soup flavoured ever so gently with truffle oil and freshly baked bread with Parma ham led the way to a very refreshing chicken salad. The warm mushroom salad too was a burst of flavours that had me wishing I could replicate it at home. 

The pastas that the chefs sent out for us to sample were lovely and the pizzas just what the doctor ordered. Though the spaghetti with clams is not quite my thing, I loved the pasta with beans. The fusilli with lamb ragout has been a staple and rightly so. Comfort food at its best undeniably. The spinach lasagna too was cheesily delightful and oh yes that reminds me of the spinach and ricotta croquettes we'd had too with a lovely pear based sauce. 

The pizzas, what can I say, cheese and rocket and shrimps and such a perfectly thin base. It can't get any better than that! What stole the show for me in mains though were the risottos. Try the tomato based one and the one with scallops. Just beautiful !

For the desserts, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. You can order almost any dessert on the menu and rest assured it will be the perfect ending to a fantastic meal. There is a surprising gelato on offer - a pizza flavoured one! It may be an acquired taste and I would say try it at your own risk! But you can see the number of different ones we ate on rather full tummies. Says a lot about this place... your hunger will well and truly be satiated but the heart will always want more.

Thank you LaPiazza, for this brilliant adieu to winter.

Reviewed by : Vickrham (vicky) & Sonalini Chaudhary
Authored By : Sonalini Chaudhary for Foodmaniacs
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