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You know those days when all you want to have is a bowl of your favourite instant noodles but with a twist; well Wai Wai City has come to your rescue and they have done a pretty good job at it. We all already love Hauz Khas for its colourful streets and oh-so-happening bars and now we have a noodle bar too in the proximity!

Wai Wai City has its menu dedicated to noodles. From chopsuey to pan fried to roasted, they have everything for you. Pastel coloured walls give it a very cosy feel, you will feel like sitting there and enjoying your love hate relation with noodle, love for the taste and hate for well, diet! 

We started with some extremely cheesy Wontons. Oh my god it was like entering into a world of cheese and everything else will sort of go blur. Trust me, I am not exaggerating it, these were supremely cheesy. When something is friend and has cheese, what more you want in it. Then came a bowl of crunchy noodles with Schezwan chilli sauce, loaded with vegetables like mushrooms, onions, capsicum, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage topped with crispy chilli and this was Band Bang – a chef’s special on the menu it was like a complete meal and the crispy chilli on top really added a bang. Then we moved to the Noodle Bar to create our own bowl. Choose your Noodles - classic, roasted, pan fries, chopsuey then the Sauce- chilli garlic, Kung pao, masala fusion, pepper soy and many more. Now the vegetables of your choice add a crunch with their Toppings like peanuts, fried onions, crispies, sesame seeds and complete the bowl with Add-ons like paneer, egg, shrimp and chicken. 

I went for Pan fried noodles and vegetables tossed in masala fusion sauce and topped with peanuts. You need to visit this place until you taste each and every permutation and combination that you possibly can and trust me this is the kind of maths that you would like to do. For desserts I tried the Honey Crispies with Ice Cream, you will fall short of words when you taste this. I will visit this place just for this again. Hot noodles smothered with honey and topped with a school of vanilla ice cream, simply heaven in a bowl. 

Visit this place, dig in your fork, swirl and then enjoy. Get high on this noodle bar now!

Review By : Ritika Dhawan for Foodmaniacs
Compiled by : Vickrham (vicky)
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