FAB CAFE - Experience the Fab Life

There is always a brand which makes us feel intrigued whenever we cross one of their stores. If you shop there it feels like you have earned it and when such is an Indian brand it becomes a matter of more pride. Fabindia, as its tagline suggests celebrates India and true spirit of the craft. Made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes, each product embeds uniqueness and maintains the highest standards of quality.

To make you experience, the regal life Fabindia has come up with a concept which will pamper you and make you feel extremely privileged it’s the Fabindia Experience Center in Vasant Kunj. This place has five levels to it which are- an Organic India Wellness Center, the Fab Café, an Alteration Center and a zone designed especially for kids so that you can treat yourself to a relaxed shopping spree. The store also has for you the most intricate produce of clothing for men, women, and children, jewellery and accessories, and a delightful range of personal care products.

The twist in the tale is their 44 seater Fab Café. A light and soothing ambience which is designed to perfectly compliment the food served. They have curated a menu which has some off beat dishes and mind it everything on the menu is extremely high on the health quotient. 

The menu depicts such an interesting character, as you read it you will feel spoilt for choice. They have also incorporated dishes that are low on carbs, are a vegan’s dream and moreover some are gluten free too. From Spicy Dal Sprout Filled Golgappas to Quinoa Stuffed Paranthas; they have kept the basic concept of these dishes the same but have added an extremely healthy spin to it. 

You might feel apprehensive about ordering some of the dishes because it might sound impossible but trust us each dish will make you think that how did they came up with it. Especially their juices; each glass will leave you feeling cleansed. If you don’t believe let us tell you some options that they have for you- Spinach Apple Turmeric & Carrot, Beet Apple Cucumber Ginger, Coconut Water Orange Aloe Vera Pinapple and Chia Seed; I mean as you read through it I know you are thinking what these might taste like. Well, just head to Fab Café. From mutton to saag to desserts, you can binge on all these and you will not feel guilty at all.

Fab Café is a step by Fabindia to take forward their legacy. The brands lives up to its position in the market and never fails to impress no matter what venture they introduce. Visit Fab Café for a truly enriching meal. It is food for the soul and a treat for the sense.

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