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Amidst the bustling food court on Level 3 of Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, near to McDonalds’ you will come across a very elegant wall glistening in gold and black. Embracing this wall is the diamond logo of Fashion TV Café. You enter the place to see that from couches to tables to the bar everything is in the shape or adorns the classic logo of FTv.

With all the bloggers cheerfully greeting each other and posing for the camera, we straightaway hit the bar. The one not so regular cocktail on the menu was Kaffir Lime Green Apple Mojito, although the taste of kaffir lime could be noted on the palate but leaving this it was bland. Then came the finger food. All the usual cheese jalapeno poppers, crispy chilli chicken, chilli potato, fish fingers and many more taste the usual. One which I really liked was the fried mushroom. 

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The service was a little off which I think was because of the speed with which dishes were churned out of the kitchen. A party of approximately 40 guests was also falling apart a little.
 We are not being critical of the concept but our only suggestion is that a lot more can be done to add to the feel of the place. It at the end of the day boils down to how happy your taste buds were with the food.  If a party of two pays around Rs.2300, they would certainly expect more from the menu as well as service.

The place has a great vibe to it which cannot be denied but they need to level up their game when it comes to the food and service. 

Review By: Ritika Dhawan for Foodmaniacs
Compiled By : Vickrham (vicky)
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