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Sana-Di-Ge, complicated name, is it? Not really, it simply signifies a ceremonial and religious lamp usually made of brass which is lit on special occasions. A similar, beautifully presented and laid out lamp welcomes guests at the entrance on the ground level of this restaurant. They have also installed a nice glass elevator which is hydraulic in nature a bit slow but does the work very well. One can actually see the whole restaurant while going upwards in the elevator. The ambience is really classy and gives out a royal feel. Use of colours like beige, brown and golden altogether brings out a classy feel.

We decided to sit on the top floor which also houses the bar and has the maximum indoor seating amongst all floors. We started with the Amuse Bouche which was a small potato dumpling covered with a green chutney in a lovely golden spoon.The sabudana (sago) and rice chips are offered in a beautiful cart shaped basket also known as Sandige in tulu language. 

The best is the number of dips, pickles and condiments which are brought to the table. Out of the six of them I loved the coconut chutney and the sweet and sour tamarind chutney the most.

 We ordered the Maanji (Pomfret tawa fry) infused with ground Mangalorean spices which came out to be a huge hit ; perfectly made, lightly pan-fried, not too soft or crisp and without any excess oil. We also ordered the Mamsa pepper fry which was nice and tender mutton cubes cooked with black pepper, curry leaves and other mix of spices.

Kori da Ghee Roast were succulent pieces of chicken coated with thick masala cooked in pure ghee. This dish was really awesome and to die for actually. Pure ghee can do wonders to any silly dish too whereas this was chicken that too in chosen Mangalorean spices.

To wash it all down and get prepared for the mains we savoured the Drumsticks Soup which was nice thin broth infused with pepper and other masalas just like the Rasam, i liked it. They also serve some real good mocktails and cocktails made using fresh fruit purees instead of canned ones which have too much of added sugar to them.I really liked the Orange based as well as a berry based concoction, both were too refreshing and flavorful. The orange sorbet was also very refreshing and a great palate cleanser.

Main course consisted of whole Crab masala fry, Mutton stew, Meen Moili with neer dosas-lace thin rice pancakes steamed as well as crispy Malabari appams. The Mutton stew was nice and subtle but the coconut gravy was too thick like custard and was not pliable. The Crab was loved and relished by all and was the highlight of our whole meal, though due to allergies i cannot eat shell fish which i regret the most.The mutton was perfectly cooked and tasted well. The coconut rice and the brown rice were nice accompliment to the whole fare. 

They have some good variety of desserts but the one which cant be missed at all is the Elaneer Payasam which a heavenly mix of coconut cream and the tender coconut pulp. Thoroughly unique and subtle but perfect to the core. Served chilled in the hollow of a faux tender coconut shell this sweet mix was sinfully addictive. The Ragi and jaggery dessert was also very traditional and nice but a little heavy on the palate as well as stomach. The Payasam is highly recommended.

Sanadige is an excellent choice if you are looking for nice coastal food, i will not say its authentic to the core but yes its very very good. A little pricey as it may seem to be, service is great and the servers have real good knowledge about the product they are serving.
I am for sure heading back for some more soon.

Highly Recommended

Cost for Two (Average) - Rs.2000/-

22/48, Commercial Centre, Malcha Marg
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Coverage By : Vickrham (vicky)
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