Eros Hotel, New Delhi has come up with an innovative concept of incorporating Yin-Yang theory in their brand new food festival running at their ever so popular oriental cuisine restaurant, Empress of China. 

The Oriental concept of Yin & Yang is a philosophical, spiritual approach to gaining health through food.  The essence of Yin & Yang is somewhat esoteric and difficult to describe in mainstream terms. It can most easily be thought of as opposing yet complementary forces that blend and unite in order to create balance. Life is not static, everything is constantly moving, changing, and shifting, just as the acid and alkaline ratio shifts in our bodies. Yin & Yang are the opposing yet complementary energy forces that determine the natural order of the universe. These forces are reflected in our cells, the human body, and the whole universe. Day follows night, spring and summer follow winter, and joy follows sorrow. 

Exec.Chef Nikhil Rastogi

Exec. Chef Nikhil Rastogi explained how the cooking methods differ in both cases - Yin denotes boiling, poaching, braising and steaming; while Yang exists in deep-frying, roasting, grilling and stir-frying. This is quite challenging but very well simplified by the Chef and his team who have brilliantly curated the Yin Yang menu, categorized onto two sections (Pantry’s) – Vegetarian (White) and Non Vegetarian (Black)

Asparagus, corn and mushroom salad, a yin preparation was very refreshing especially the asparagus. I really liked it. Crispy noodle salad, a combination of yin and yang because of spicy tamarind dressing was amazing. Lohan Dimsum and Chicken Dimsums were another beautiful Yin and Yang creations respectively and I thoroughly enjoyed both.

Sichuan Chicken where in diced chicken was prepared with Sichuan peppers and chilies was one of the best dishes of the evening. While ordering I felt that Sichuan chicken would be a normal and usual one, but this one tasted very different and authentic and I must compliment chef for this lovely dish. Chicken Pot Sticker served as the main course was one of the highlight dishes again, minced chicken with pan fried noodles, mild sauces was a perfect yang dish and is highly recommended. The dessert that represented Yin and Yang in an artistic form was a combination of white and dark chocolate mousse infused with jasmine. A little gelatinous but the looks and even the taste was superb.

When we look at the Yin Yang symbol we can see that even within the yin there is still a spark of yang and within the yang there is still a hint of yin. According to this philosophy everything has both yin and yang aspects and any specific object can have more Yin or more Yang.
Kudos to the whole F&B team for putting up such a great show with this concept and looking forward to more in the coming future.

Overall had a great experience at this Yin and Yang festival at Eros.

Chef and Us ( Amogh Tiwari, Aditi Malhotra and Moi)

What: Yin and Yang - Holistic balance of food and body
When: 15th March-23rd March 2017
Where: Empress of China, Eros Hotel, Nehru place, New Delhi Time: Lunch and Dinner
Cost: Rs. 1500 ++ (unlimited servings from the Yin and Yang counter)

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