Every state in India is loving known for one particular dish or flavour that is unique to it. Made with the locally available produce, this dish then becomes synonymous to that place.

 If I play a game today where I name a state and you have to tell me very first dish that comes to your mind; well we will be listing out the menu at Mother India. New entrant to the beautiful blocks at Connaught Place, Mother India has taken the best from Punjab, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Kolkata and every possible place on our map and beautifully put it on a platter for you. 

Before I start writing endlessly about the food, I would like to say that how charming the place is. The walls scream classic and vintage in the most elegant way possible. One of the owners Mr. Neeraj is an admirer of antiques and he has beautifully decorated the place with almost everything that take you back an era. A little part of me wants a piece of this restaurant at my home. 


As you open the menu, from the first page and on you are simply spoilt for choice. I actually wanted to taste everything. We ordered Paneer Tikka Khaas Khazana, Dawat E Dahi, Kumbh Ganderi Kebab, Purani Dilli Murg Tikka and Bandi Chicken 65. 

The quantity served of one starter is more than enough for two. Where the paneer tikka was moist and delectable what stood out was the preparation of Dawat E Dahi which are actually dahi ke kebab. Unlike other places where they stuff the hung curd between moist slices of bread to make the kebab,

Mother India serves kebabs made of just hung curd. How did they manage to do this I am still thinking. Highly recommended! Chicken 65 was so delectable, huge chunks of chicken and the taste of those red chillies and curry leaves- yum yum. Also, try Kumbh Ganderi Kebab which are made of minced mushroom on a sugarcane stick as these are something really innovative. We were so stuffed that we tried very few of the main course dishes.

 From the vegetarian section we ordered Gatta Curry, Bharta and Makhan Wali Dal. Very simple dishes which are not overpowered with the richness of cream or butter, they have succeeded in keeping the authentic flavours as they are supposed to be. Go for Chicken Candolim if you love those goan flavours. From Missi, Bajra, Makki to Warqi and Khasta they have something for everyone. Mentioning it again, the quantity offered is really good. 

Chef Sachin has done a commendable job and has done full justice to all the flavours of India. His work is humbly brought to the tables by his staff, we were served by the very courteous Vikas.
From the time you step in to the time you leave, the manager Mr. Raman take care of everything for you. You will feel welcomed and the warmth makes the dining experience even more comforting. Mother India is the place for you when everyone wants is a piece of their favourite state on their plate. It is as desi, authentic and traditional as it can get!

Ground Floor, H-11, Outer Circle,
 Connaught Place, New Delhi

Review By : Ritika Dhawan for Foordmaniacs
Email : Vickrham.m@gmail.com

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