Indigo Delicatessen is undoubtedly one of the finest continental restaurant that I have visited in recent times. The food, the ambience, the service, everything is top notch and it fully justifies its premium appeal.

The ambience is chic and classy, minimalist yet beautifully done. And the videos that are regularly showcased on their screens are something you can't take your eyes off, such mouth drooling recipes are shared that it just blows the mind off. We must praise the photography and the Corporate Chef for their commendable efforts.

Now coming to food, we first tried the Seriously Sloppy Joe and believe me, there can be nothing better than this. Stuffing was extremely juicy and flavorful and it’s highly recommended.

Pork Ribs was another winner dish that you can't miss, tender, juicy and tasteful, they are surely a must have. One after the other, these two dishes confirmed the quality of food served at Indigo.

This was followed up by Chicken Caesar Salad, Creamy Chicken Sandwiches, Beef Burger and Salmon Steak and each one of the dish is totally worth the praise. The salad was crisp and crunchy with croutons and lettuce leaves along with chicken chunks. The creamy sandwich was by far one of the best sandwiches I had and the beef burger and salmon steak too did full justice to our taste buds.

Another amazing dish churned out was the roasted chicken (Rose Chicken) served with mashed potatoes and a light gravy and all I can say is this too is a must have. I mean overall the food was so good, that I don't know really what to recommend and what not to. So I would say, go ahead explore for yourself. The food is worth your time and money.


Coming to desserts, we tried the fruit salad, choicest of homemade ice creams with flavours like Mocha Banana, White Chocolate & Cherry, Belgian Chocolate and others and each one of them was awesome. It was true feast of tastes.

We also tried the Crème Brule, which was good too.

I really suggest visiting this place with family and friends and have a time of your life enjoying authentic continental and European food and I am sure you will love it.


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