To celebrate the spirit of fatherhood and this special bond, Food Maniacs by Vickrham and Ikreate by Aditi conceptualized a great Fathers Day Cook Off in association with Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon. The idea behind creating such an event was to dedicate a day to fathers and what better than cooking their favourite dish and honoring them. 

Once the thought was seeded, the teams fleshed out the idea in detail and there was no looking back. People were more than welcoming of the idea and the contestants for the cook off were selected in no time. To make the cook off more exciting and at the same time a serious competition, we invited MasterChef Season 5 Star Siddharth Talwar who along with Executive Chef Nilesh Dey was all set to judge the culinary skills of the contestants.

A pro set up complete with induction stoves, necessary utensils and an interesting market place to choose ingredients from was set up by the very efficient team of Crowne Plaza. Some serious rules were set by both the judges to make the competition an unbiased and healthy one and the points were to be given on presentation, wastage, cleanliness of works stations and of course taste and innovation of the dish. All the participants seemed really excited. A 10-minute time period was given to pick up the ingredients from the market place with an all-inclusive cooking time of 1 hour.

A wonderful contest took place between the participants, where in every one crafted beautiful dishes, made not just with ingredients but lots of love, dedicating the dishes to their fathers. It was a tough time for judges to figure out which was the best dish, because trust me I am not boasting, but each and every dish was truly remarkable. The presentation, the taste, and the overall selection of dishes prepared by participants was done with such expertise that it seemed as if a mini- master chef episode is in progress. After a lot of tussle, judges finally decided to give way not one but two prizes as choosing one did not seem justified. Even those who did not win, were still winners as the gap was just about1-2 marks here and there.

Speaking at the event, Chef Siddharth said, "The Fathers day special cook off event hosted by Crowne Plaza Today Gurgaon, Media Event Partnered by Vickrham (vicky) of Foodmaniacs and organised by Aditi of Ikreate was one of the best cook off events judged by me. A very meticulously arranged and coordinated event went off very smoothly and without a doubt had the best chosen contestants.  Best of ingredients, equipments and contestants will always make a contest a memorable one. Kudos to all". 

Now came the toughest part for the judges as each and every dish was better than the other and it was a really tough choice to select a winner. Sandeep Batra, who cooked GolMirch Chicken and Rita Arora, who prepared a lovely Chicken Roulade were declared as top winners, but like I said, others too were winners in their own regards. We got to taste some lovely and unique dishes like South Indian Style Pasta, Laal Maas, Fried Fish with Coconut Sauce (Meen Moili Style), Tamatar Jeera Chicken, Chicken Koftas and some Juicy Chicken Legs.

A special prize was given to two kids, Myeshha and Armaan who amazed the judges by preparing lovely Chicken Grilled Sandwiches.

Our endeavour has always been to bring you the best of events, especially which are engaging and provide an opportunity to people to come forward and be a part of it. Father’s Day cookout session has been highly successful as the response was overwhelming, participation was overwhelming. We thank Exec. Chef Nilesh Dey, Crowne Plaza Today, Gurgaon for his impeccable setup and arrangements for this cook out session.” said Vickrham, the founder of Foodmaniacs, a celebrated food and hospitality blogger and event curator.

“I would really like to thank Foodmaniacs, Chef Siddharth and Ikreate including the participants for the competitive show which has been a great event and learning for all of us. Me and my team at Crowne Plaza Today, Gurgaon are thankful for being chosen as the venue Partner for this grand event on Father’s Day. This event has left some great memories on us, which will be sought after for a long time.” Said Chef Nilesh Dey

“We believed totally in this concept as cooking for your loved ones never fail, and hence we thought what better than showing some love to your father by cooking for him on Father’s Day and tried making it more interesting by adding the competition layer to it. And now as we see great participation and turn out, our belief is stronger than before and we look forward to organize many such events, expressed Aditi, Founder, Ikreate, a food and lifestyle blogger, and a marketing expert.

The winner announcement was then followed by a high tea session, where in we got to interact with participants, try their delectable dishes, and also indulge in some lip smacking snacks served by Crowne Plaza. The winners carried beautiful hampers back home and the bloggers were given a lovely cake by the hotel. 

Overall it turned out to be a great event, much greater than expected. I thank first and foremost my partnering Team Ikreate by Aditi Malhotra for the support. Crowne Plaza Today, Gurgaon for believing in our concept and becoming our Hospitality Partner, all the participants, without whom this won’t have been possible, bloggers and media for making the buzz about the event, keep doing it guys, thanks to you all, and last but not the least, the PR team of Crowne Plaza, Chef Nilesh Dey and Master Chef Siddharth Talwar for being part of our event. Also a big thank you to all the fathers and for sure mothers too…. Look forward to many more events together.

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