A calm, serene and beautifully Turkish ambience greets you as you enter Baris. A delightful modern interpretation of the turquoise and Mediterranean style arches, the interiors instantly put you in a good mood. It’s a relaxing vibe, perfect for a much-needed break from the bustling city life outside.

The rich rugs, wall art and especially the lamps, add to the feel of the place.
The place also has a beautiful terrace, which is bustling with people especially during the sultry Delhi summer evenings. Arjun Toor who is one of the working partners took us through the concept and the thought behind the place and the food. The best part is they have an expat chef who is of Turkish origin. 

We just relaxed and left everything on the chef, and mind it we were not at all disappointed. The meal started with a sour and tangy shot, a palate cleanser, which was just about ok for us. But the very next creation just made us drool. The Shefin Salatsi was amazing, rocket leaves rolled in cucumber drizzled with fig vinaigrette over thin and juicy sauteed lamb slices topped with goat cheese. 

Next was the Chilled Mezze Platter which had lovely dips like the ever so common hummus ( as per me it was a no garlic hummus which is rather unusual for us), Aeli Ezmi ( tomato, chillies and herbs in oil) kind of a salsa. The yoghurt based dip Haydari was nice and just like the Tzatziki. I loved the Beetroot Labneh which was sweet and yummy. Dont miss the Yaprak Serma, wine leaves stuffed with rice, nuts and black currants.

Baris has a great selection of Hot Mezze too, Chef served us a platter which consisted of a Hummus bin Dujaj  (chicken crusted with spices like sumac, cumin etc), Manti which a Buff Turkish dumpling served over a yoghurt dip. Lamb Kibbeh a lamb mince and burgul kebab which was a bit dry for my palate. The cigar Bourke which was like a spring roll #crispy from outside but soft and cheesy inside was nice. Felafil was nice but not the best, which I have tried many a times but the Spinach Fatayer was really good, it was a triangular pastry stuffed with spinach, feta and pine nuts.

We also tried one or two kebabs like the Istanbul Kebab, which was a lamb Seekh and was wonderfully made. Though we missed on many of them as the selection is vast and can’t be tried all in one visit. 

A must have is the Turkish Pizza or Pide as they call it. An oval shaped pizza with folded corners crusted with sesame and topped with your choice of meat and other things. We had the Lamb pepperoni one, it was amazing I must admit as the yummy flavours were just bursting in mouth, the toasted sesame elevated this to a new level altogether.

In the mains, we tried the Kuzu Incik, the lamb shank cooked with pomegranates and tomatoes and served on a bed of saffron rice. Melt in the mouth, aromatic and delicious.

The piece de resistance, however…the desserts. Baklava to dies for! Sweet sweet flaky pastry with pistachios, walnuts, mangoes…just pure heaven. Yes, they are tad too sweet for the conscious palate, but then that’s how baklava is done. Best to eat it the traditional way. The fig tiramisu was another surprise that we quite loved.

On the whole, a meal that was infinitely satisfying, very clean and light on us and something worth repeating.

Building 3, Local Shopping Complex, 
Mazjid Moth, Greater Kailash (GK) 3, New Delhi

Review By : Vickrham (vicky)
Co- Reviewer : Sonalini Chaudhary
Pics By : Vickrham (vicky)

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