REWIND - BACK TO UNIVERSITY FOOD FESTIVAL - The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi

  "Purani Jeans aur guitar”....

Going back to the good old university days as you enter Cafe Knosh,The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel has brought back the memories of college time with “Rewind-Back to University”  food festival. 

The ambience at Cafe Knosh has been thematically created using relevant props like degrees, scholar hats, books, trophy shelfs etc, and also a bus stop which has been created to make us remember those beautiful college days when traveling by bus was one of the key elements. Most interesting is the wall dedicated to music which showcases the Rock and Pop culture in the colleges....

The food at the festival is curated keeping in mind the typical canteen food, from Vada Pao to Samosa and Tapri Chai, Maggie Point, Kadhi Chawal, Rajma Chawal, Chicken Curry Rice, Chowmein, Sliders, Cutlets, Dosa etc everything was there. In fact it is curated in such a way that certain popular dishes were picked from the canteens of top colleges.

The food and presentation wasn't elaborate and it maintained the rustic appeal and simplicity of a college canteen.
But yes the food definitely lingered the taste buds and made us travel in time. Even the service staff was dressed in casual clothes like kurta-pyjama with a jhola (cloth bag) hanging as a sling onto them.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and revisited my college day’s memories.

Cafe Knosh, The Leela Ambience Hotel, Delhi
Festival is on till 13th August - Both Lunch and Dinner

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