Savour the Taste of SUMERU - PARANTHA 2.0

Enter a superstore, take a stroll around; no matter if you are a kid or a grown up, one section that catches you attention every time is the brightly beaming freezer of frozen food. Packaged in a subtle way with an artistic picture of the final product as its cover- it makes everyone believe that no matter how amateur a cook they are they might be able to pull this through and present something new for their family or friends. The kids go bonkers on anything that is cheesy, fried or has the wonder vegetable –potatoes and parents get hooked to the idea of easy cooking. 

From peas to sausages, fries, smileys, samosas and paranthas; frozen foods ease and please i.e. provide ease of cooking and please the taste buds. 

Sumeru- a brand by Innovative Foods Ltd. graciously invited bloggers to the media launch of their new range of paranthas. Organised at The Lalit, New Delhi, the event involved unveiling of the new range by their brand ambassador Chef Ajay Chopra followed by a question and answer round. While this was enlightening what stole our hearts was when chef whipped up 3 delightful dishes with Sumeru’s finest products. 

Leading its way to glory, the brand is amongst the top 4 frozen food brands in the country. They already had acquired a strong consumer group thanks to their range of stuffed, Malabar, flaky and atta paranthas, but the brand always wanted to do something more innovative. As acceptability of frozen foods grew multi-folds they decided to take a step further. Keeping in mind factors like health, storage safety they decided to come up with the Classiques Parantha 2.0! 

After extensive market research they narrowed it down to this- while mothers focus only on health, kids refuse to compromise on taste. Sumeru then decided to take the most traditional recipes and innovate them to create a tasteful experience for the customers. The result of this were – Beetroot & Jeera Parantha, Multigrain Parantha, Turmeric & Ajwain Parantha and Methi & Spinach Parantha. They focused to make this the healthiest range with no trans-fat or added color and by respecting the natural goodness of each ingredient. 

Soft as hand rolled paranthas, flaky and light; we all had surrendered to the taste in the first bite itself. Available at all superstores, each packet with 4-5 paranthas costs around Rs. 100 which depends on the variant and can be heated on the tawa or simply microwaved for 1-2 mins. These can last up to an year in your freezer and we are definitely ready to stock-up.

Chef Ajay Chopra, the ever charming Punjabi foodie laid out a lasagne in which the pasta sheets were replaced by these paranthas, a desi chole quesadilla and a kebab wrap to show us the versatility of these new variants. 

While most brands focus on the taste only, Sumeru has carefully studied the market from both the consumer and supplier perspective. They not only monitor the production but also keep a check on the storage of their products at the retail outlets and the delivery drill of these to your doorstep. With guidelines laid out to maintain the temperature and an ideal storage environment, they have gone an extra mile to ensure you get the best. 

Running late from office, stuck in traffic or simply too lazy to knead the dough and roll out paranthas- well Sumeru Classiques are here to ensure that you have a delightful meal every time. So rush to your nearest store and fill in your carts. Enjoy a true match of tradition and innovation in every bite.

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