The Cakewalk Fest ! Foodhall @DLF Promenade

Cakes have come a long way in the last couple of years, not only in terms of taste but also how they look. From a glossy finish to recreating life-size artistic cakes, cake craft has taken over the baker’s world and how!

Celebrating this art of creating marvels through cake craft, Foodhall hosted the Cakewalk Festival from 25th to 27th August at DLF Promenade.

Foodhall orgnised baking workshop by Executive Chef Olivier Vincent where he created some delocious cakes also there was a workshop by Chef Shivesh Bhatia on food and dessert styling.

This amazing sweet rush was enjoyed by everyone present at the workshop.                                                                   
For those who were looking to bake the perfect cake from scratch, Chef focused on the major cake mixing methods, including the one-stage, classic and modified creaming, and more. Also focus on different frosting recipes and icing methods, among other techniques!

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